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3 Gallon Better Bottle™


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The 3 gallon capacity yields fifteen 750 ml bottles of wine and is ideal for Selection Speciale kits and for making good use of the unpredictable volumes of juice created from whole fruits. The square shape makes efficient use of space in a refrigerator. Uses either a #10 stopper with airlock, or a Better Bottle™ PET O-ring Closure and Dry Trap airlock.

Better Bottle™ carboys are: 1) Designed to be strong, scuff resistant, easy to handle, and essentially unbreakable, 2) Pure – Taste- and odor-free, BPA-free, DEHP-free, plasticizer-free, 3) Virtually impermeable to oxygen, 4) Extraordinarily easy to wash and sanitize (no brushes necessary), and 5) Clear and colorless. Better Bottle™ carboys are not at all like other plastic carboys. The special PET, used to make Better Bottle™ carboys, is non-absorbing, non-porous, and non-wetting (hydrophobic), so it will not carry over flavors from one batch of wine or beer to the next and it is easier to clean and sanitize than glass or other plastics. Better Bottle™ carboys are ideal for home winemaking and home brewing.

**Do not use hot water over 120° F with the Better Bottles.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.5" X 7.5" X 19.5"

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Overall Rating: 4.7

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Safer than glass carboys Review by OHara

(Posted on 3/9/14)

Product Rating:

I'm switching to plastic from glass because of safety reasons.
I can't scrub it, but it's still easy to clean.

Good size for a 3 gallon fruit wine Review by JD

(Posted on 1/28/14)

Product Rating:

My fruit wines are half size and they can fit with just a little head space which I top off with CO2 to age. Its small enough that it''s easy to pick up when full and there is no risk of broken glass. No Oxidation will occur provided I press in the stopper hard.

Strong and light weight Review by Chris

(Posted on 12/18/13)

Product Rating:

These are good for half batches of wine. The Better Bottles are safer than glass though harder to clean. I still prefer them to glass and have had no problems with infections.

A good aging tank for fruit wine Review by SJW

(Posted on 11/13/13)

Product Rating:

I make half batch size (3 gallons) at a time of fruit wine and these are a good size. I have a little head space after racking and top it off with a couple of bottles of table wine if need be.

Not as good as teh 5 and 6 agllon Better Bottles Review by Andrew

(Posted on 10/5/13)

Product Rating:

While I use 5 and 6 gallon Better bottles, I use 3 gallon carboys.
I tried the 3 gallon Better bottle but its harder to clean, has lips for yeast to cling to, and doesn't offer the same benefits.

The problem with Glass carboys is the risk of them breaking (shearing) and slicing you open. That's less of a problem with the 5 gallon carboys. The 3 gallon Better Bottle doesn't offer the same safety upgrade as the 5/6 gallon. In addition the 5/6 gallon Carboys are heavy and they contain more volume. 3 gallons is much easier to carry.

Good size for 1/2 batches Review by Chris

(Posted on 9/30/13)

Product Rating:

5 gallon batches are a bit much for just me. I wanted to have more variety, so I decided to start doing 1/2 batches. The 3 gallon is the perfect size for this. I've used it 3 times now and it is working out.

Nice size carboy Review by Dan

(Posted on 9/19/13)

Product Rating:

I like these 3 gallon plastic carboys for odd-sized batches, usually experimental stuff. I'm getting 6 gallons of cider and making 2 different style recipes from it using these, and I like these for things like Mead and for batches of beer when I'm trying something off the beaten path that might or might not turn out.

Good for small half batches Review by Redmond

(Posted on 9/7/13)

Product Rating:

Its light weight and tough and a lot better to use than glass. Its great for fruit wine or mead or anything you age thats half the size of a normal batch. Without this bottle I'd have to use three one gallon glass jugs. This is a lot better.

Works as advertised! Review by Paula

(Posted on 8/6/13)

Product Rating:

It does the job, is easy to handle and clean, and I'm totally happy with it.

Buy in pairs Review by Nadim

(Posted on 7/16/13)

Product Rating:

These are good for splitting batches. Either making a small experimental batch or varying something like the amount of steeping grain.
What I do is brew a beer but steep a specialty grain on the side, like roast barley in 2 pots (1/2 pound and 1/4 pound)..
Then I had those to each bottle, and this lets me experiment with changing the recipes.

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3 Gallon Better Bottle™

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