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Barbed Swivel Nut, 1/4" Flare, 1/4" Barb


Product Number: 5185

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The 1/4" barb to 1/4" FFL (Female Flare Thread) allows you to attach a 1/4" barb to any 1/4" MFL (Male Flare Thread) fitting. This barbed swivel nut works well with you 1/4" or 3/16" liquid beer line. For 3/16" tubing, soak the tubing in hot water for 15 seconds to soften it and make installing the swivel nut easier.

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Durable Review by Brandon

(Posted on 11/17/13)

Product Rating:

I used this to hook up to my corning keg and kegerator. Great product...heavy duty, well machines and reasonably priced.

Must have for keg tubing Review by Tyler

(Posted on 11/9/13)

Product Rating:

This is a must have, allows for quick switch out for your kegging and or tubing. Remember to soak your tubing in warm water prior to installation. I would suggest ordering a couple extra on hand, the other reviews said to do so and I ordered a couple extra as well. Having extras on hand has paid off.

Must have product! Review by Matt

(Posted on 9/19/13)

Product Rating:

Solid quality and easy to attach to the line. These make changing out parts of the system very easy! It sure beats having to take a line off of a barbed connection and then reconnect it. Usually end up cutting the line at that point. These solve that problem!

Essential Review by James

(Posted on 4/15/13)

Product Rating:

I always make sure I have extra on hand. Never know when you are going to need a new line of tubing for something and these make everything more convenient.

Convenient Review by DK

(Posted on 3/6/13)

Product Rating:

Use of the BSN allows for greater sanitary practice and makes cleaning of liquid lines and fittings a breeze.

Key to quick disconnects Review by Charles

(Posted on 1/31/13)

Product Rating:

These are great for all your kegging lines for beer and gas. Stock up in case you have future needs to change your installation. Can't beat the cost, so add a few to your order, and don't forget to add the gaskets, item 5192, as well.

easy to install Review by Adam

(Posted on 11/5/12)

Product Rating:

These are great; make sure you pick up 10 more than you think you will need. These are nice to have on hand if you want to add tubing to your system at a later date. Make sure to soak the end of your gas line in hot water first to make installation easier.

Use for quick keg changes Review by Josh

(Posted on 10/17/12)

Product Rating:

I suggest buying these swivel nuts for all your keg tubing. This, along with threaded connectors and tail pieces and you can quickly switch between ball lock, pin lock, and commercial kegs.

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Barbed Swivel Nut, 1/4" Flare, 1/4" Barb

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