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BeerBox™ Portable Homebrew Dispensing System

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BeerBox™ Portable Homebrew Dispensing System

SKU: 40235

BeerBox™ Portable Homebrew Dispensing System


The easiest, most portable way to bring draft homebrew everywhere, the BeerBox™ is built for spontaneity.

The BeerBox™ system splits a 5 gallon batch between two containers, so your brew can be on tap in two places at once. And its convenient size lets you serve cold draft brew from anyone’s fridge or cooler for your beer on tap anytime, anywhere. Built to withstand the most raucous homebrew adventures, the BeerBox™ features food-grade HDPE and Made-in-the-USA construction. Plus the BeerBox™ is 100% light-proof and fits in your cooler, perfect for outdoor events.

Simpler than kegging—just prime and go—with less effort than bottling to clean and fill 2 boxes instead of 48 bottles. The BeerBox™ starter system is fully loaded so you don’t need extra equipment. Ever. And it’s so much more convenient than kegging! Each 2.75 Gallon box fits perfectly in a fridge or cooler and has a built-in handle to grab-and-go.

The tap on each BeerBox™ is raised just above the sediment line to ensure clear pours. Savor a clear, cold, perfect pint of your homebrew wherever you want, whenever you want.

Each BeerBox™ System includes:

  • Two-2.75 gallon BeerBox™ containers (9.925" H x 6.5" W x 15.9" L)
  • One-CO2 injector
  • Five-CO2 (16 gram) cartridges
  • One-Hose Tap Adaptor with Hose & Tap
  • 2 coasters and 2 stickers

Compatible with 5/16" ID Beverage Tubing

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