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6.5 Gallon Glass Big Mouth Bubbler™


Meet the Big Mouth Bubbler™ 6.5 Gallon capacity fermentor. The revolutionary replacement for those water jugs known as carboys.
Its mouth welcomes cleaning and facilitates a sterile fermentation environment. No bung slipping on a foamy carboy top—the Big Mouth cap is a twist off. Once you screw the cap on, ITS ON and not coming off until you say so.

The Big Mouth Bubbler includes a drilled stopper and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

When you put your brew in a fermentation vessel, your ONE expectation is that it will stay clean and that your yeast will be able to eat happily without anything funky going on. A strictly non-funky fermentation party. That's it. But how can you expect the cleanest and safest fermentation environment when you can’t even scrub the bottle with your own two hands? This vessel was designed especially for sanitizing and fermentation.

Brewing can be a messy business—but no more! Stick your arm in to clean the entire inside with a swipe of the cleaning cloth. No need to use an inefficient test tube brush to reach corners and curves. Enjoy total confidence that every hint of bacteria is gone, protecting you investment in brewtime. The wide-mouth makes it easy to add or remove ingredients. The screw top guarantees the top stays on through fermentation.

Caution: Big Mouth Bubbler™ is a large hand-formed glass item that can be easily damaged if not used with proper care and handling. It may have variations in shape and thickness, and will show the normal bubbling characteristics of hand-formed glass. Extreme changes in temperature or sudden contact with hard surfaces may cause glass to crack. Handle with care–we strongly recommend using the Big Mouth Bubbler™ carrying harness for increased safety and ease of handling.

Looking for our traditional carboys? Browse our Fermentation Equipment for Carboys & Jugs.

We do not recommend using the Brewhauler, the Big Mouth Harness has been designed to specifically complement the features of this product.

The Carboy Dryer is compatible with the Big Mouth Bubbler - Simply invert and use upside down.

Height 18
Diameter 13

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Overall Rating: 4.2

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Good Idea, But The Glass is Fragile Review by DEH

(Posted on 11/4/14)

Product Rating:

The idea of the Big Mouth Bubbler is excellent, I enjoyed using the product, however the glass is very thin compared to a normal carboy. My brewing partner and I were brewing a nice pumpkin ale and sat the full carboy on the ground together when the glass shattered, cutting both of us pretty bad and depositing 6 gallons of wort into my house. I would suggest anyone using this product to move it while it sits inside of a milk crate or other carrying device and be very careful the glass on the big mouth is fragile.

Great product - be careful Review by Matthew

(Posted on 10/2/14)

Product Rating:

A must have product for brewing/wine making. However, be very careful handling the carboy. The glass is much thinner than the standard carboy. Other than the thin glass, I am very pleased with this product.

Great product but be careful Review by Ed

(Posted on 9/2/14)

Product Rating:

This product is great! It solves all of the problems you can have with a glass carboy. It is easy to clean & great for additions. However, be careful - the glass is thinner than a carboy and prone to cracking.

Great Product Review by John

(Posted on 8/9/14)

Product Rating:

This is a great advancement for cleaning and sanitizing. The top seams flimsy but I think with a little care it will be fine. Blow off tubes used for a regular carboy fit over the hole ok just use care putting it on. The ease of cleaning is well worth the purchase. Just increased brewing to 33 gallons so I am purchasing 3 more today That gives me 6 total.

Pros and Cons Review by David

(Posted on 6/17/14)

Product Rating:

This is a great Piece of equipment! easy to clean and sanitize I bought a 6.5 gallon for a primary and intend on buying a 5 gallon for a secondary. I found a couple negatives though.
1. quite heavy and cumbersome
2. Blow off hole should be large enough to fit a carboy bung and use an airlock or make a fitting that screws onto it to add a Blow off tube easier

FYI if you take a small carboy bung and use it upside down it fits fairly well over the blow-off hole you can then set an airlock into it. this works well but I made a makeshift Blow off tube with a length of tubing, 3 piece airlock and a small bung I can send pics if you like it works great!


(Posted on 5/2/14)

Product Rating:

These things are great, I threw away my plastic crap . All my beer comes out much better easy to sanitize you are crazy if you don't have at least two..thanks.

Great Design Review by Art

(Posted on 4/23/14)

Product Rating:

I love my new Bubbler. Easy to fill and clean. They just came out with a plastic version which would be so much lighter, but I prefer the glass so as not to take on any flavors or odors.

6.5 gallon carboy Review by gorilla

(Posted on 4/8/14)

Product Rating:

Cleaning this thing is so easy compared to the small neck carboys. I really like it!

6.5 Gallon & 5 Gallon Bubblers GREAT, but accessories, hmmmm...... Review by JohnInKY

(Posted on 3/31/14)

Product Rating:

6.5 Gallon & 5 Gallon Bubblers GREAT, but accessories, hmmmm......I ordered two for, a 6.5 gal (primary fermenter) and a 5 Gal (secondary fermenter), both arrived undamaged, boxes in good shape and I intend to use the boxes for storage. My thoughts follow:
1st, the 15/16 inch OD "blow off hose" (accessory I purchased) fits loosely inside the top hole in the bubbler lid, and I could not get it over the small threaded top port without fear of cracking the lid, so I bought a 3 1/2 foot section of 1 inch ID vinyl hose at Home Depot that "screws" onto the Bubbler's threaded top port and fits tightly.
2nd, I also purchased the "carrying harness" accessory that were packed separately from the bubblers. They ARE different sizes, but only after I tried them on both was I able to tell which was which. I have them marked now. These are worth buying!
3rd, they both came with what looks like some type of fermentation lock that screws on the small opening on the tops. Assume could fill in the dish section on the top with vodka or sanitizer and use. No instructions, so not sure what these are for, or exactly how they work. Bubblers come with rubber plugs for "normal" fermentation locks (I like blow-off hoses better).
4th, they do have small caps that screw on the small opening (port) in the large screw-on lid. VERY good for maintaining sanitized inside before filling. Finally, it would be great if there were "aftermarket" spare lids for these with 1 1/4 inch ID (or larger) top ports, so that a "thief" or a "self starting siphon" would fit in the top port without having to unscrew the entire lid. Also, would be GREAT if a dark colored "blanket bags" accessory was available to place the bubbler in to keep warm (for ales) and light out (I put mine in a heavy black garbage bag with a small 8W heater to maintain 72F in my basement).

Great Product Review by Ted

(Posted on 3/30/14)

Product Rating:

This is what I've been waiting for. Easy to clean, great for dry hopping, adding oak chips, or fruit. The price is reasonable and the fermenter looks strong.

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6.5 Gallon Glass Big Mouth Bubbler™

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