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Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic - Dual Port Lid

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Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic - Dual Port Lid

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Test, transfer and taste your fermenting beer like never before! The ported lid for Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic is designed for maximum interaction with minimal oxygen exposure. Its port size fits standard brewing tools so you can monitor fermentation without unscrewing the lid. Your auto siphon, thief, small universal bung, and blowoff hose will all fit within the diameter of the lid port.

Get ultimate temperature control with the dual-port lid. Keep your airlock in the first port and use a thermowell or temperature probe with a temperature controller in the second. Easily monitor actual fermentation temperature for better beer.

Best of all, cleaning is easier with a modular lid. The white disc is separate from the blue screw ring, so you can disassemble for a deeper clean. And the screw ring works seamlessly with both single- and dual-port lids.

Lid Plate Material: HDPE

Not included: Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic - Lid Ring

*Please note: these rings are only compatible with the Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic, they will not fit the Big Mouth Bubbler® EVO 2. They are also incompatible with the Big Mouth Bubbler® Universal Lid.
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