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Birch Beer Soda

If you have the equipment needed to brew beer, you have everything you need to make homemade soft drinks. Homemade soda is very easy to make and is a great project to do with the kids. These extracts include enough to make 4 gallons. Champagne yeast, PET bottles, and sugar is also needed to make soda from these extracts. Complete instructions are included in the extract box.

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Step Up Review by Nat

(Posted on 9/6/13)

Product Rating:

Birch Beer represents a step up from traditional root beer options, as it hearkens back to the old school days when my dad made his own root beer with the roots around his home. That said, this is an excellent option that allows for easy customization.

Do not over-ferment Review by David

(Posted on 3/20/13)

Product Rating:

I made a batch with my girlfriend's kids and wanted them to help in every step. Problem was it ended up being a couple weeks between adding the yeast and bottling.

Mixed up the batch in a keg and added yeast. A couple weeks later when they were able to help bottle (I have a counter-pressure bottle filler), we ran into some trouble. When I hooked a regular tap up to the keg, it violently spewed root beer all over. I have 9' ceilings in my house and I managed to get it in the farthest corner of the kitchen.

After letting off a lot of pressure, we were finally able to bottle the root beer. It had a minty taste and not at all what I expected. Most of the root beer has not been drank.

We used Red Star Champagne yeast.

3 stars on Quality is because I cannot say whether or not it was good. I know I messed up, but without having a properly made batch, I cannot attest to its quality.

Good tasting Review by Fozzy

(Posted on 3/6/13)

Product Rating:

The taste of this birch is pretty good, I would substitute a 1/4 of the sugar with maple syrup.

correction Review by Victor

(Posted on 12/4/12)

Product Rating:

i use 1 1/2 bottle - not 6 oz in this case

easy recipe. Review by Victor

(Posted on 12/4/12)

Product Rating:

Good Stuff, Easy To make! I do the following to improve it:
1). Hydrate yeast in warm sugar water, i use champagne or sparkling wine yeast (Levin).
2) Boil 1 gallon water, add 6 OZ 1 and 1/2 bottle!! extract.
3). melt 2 lb light brown sugar in water, then 4 lb cane (white)
4). put in primary bucket, add 4 gallons of water to total of 5 gallons.
5). stir very very well and taste it. this is what it will taste like. the foam head and age will only improve it slightly. add sugar, moleasses, or more extract a little at a time if desired.
6). if yeast is very foamy, and and stir very, very well. give it 20- 30 minutes. stir again. siphon into bottles and cap.
7). sit bottles at room temperature 3-4 days with old blanket covering in case they blow up.
8) refridgerate 40 degrees to stop yeast action and prevent blow up.
9). it will taste good the next day, but as yeast falls and settles it will lose the yeast off flavor and improve.
10). open carefully. root beer homemade is VERY foamy!! in a week it should be perfect. always store refridgerated.

Wonderful!!! Review by Josef

(Posted on 9/24/11)

Product Rating:

This Root Beer tastes very much like the 'old' A&W drive-in root beer (I guess that dates me!) Love it, will make it again, root beer floats are a natural for this beverage...

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Birch Beer Soda