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Blichmann BoilerMaker - 15 Gallon Kettle

Boilermaker Kettle – 15 Gallon (7015)

Make your grain brewing day easier with this 15-gallon Boilermaker Kettle. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel , the 15-gallon capacity makes it easy to brew a 5- to 10-gallon batch without boilover. Easy to use and easy to clean, it will look great on your brewstand. Optional false bottom sold separately.

Available in 10, 15, 20, 30 and 55 gallon capacities, the BoilerMaker™ line of brew pots have been designed specifically for home brewing. They didn't sacrifice features or quality by leveraging a combination of existing cooking pots... they designed the ideal pot from the ground up and built them from scratch!

  • Boilermaker kettles will ship directly from the manufacturer
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Exclusive snap-in dip tube design installs without tools and drains to within 3/8" of bottom
  • Stepped bottom on pot supports mash screen and virtually eliminates sidewall shunting
  • Patent-pending optional button louver false bottom is a hybrid of a perforated screen and a slotted manifold
  • Includes adjustable BrewMometer™ and a 3-pc. stainless ball valve
  • Heavy-duty borosilicate glass level gauge never clouds or scratches
  • Includes stainless steel guard with laser etched volume graduations, cleaning brush and clean-out ports
  • Handles for carrying and lid that stores on side
  • Note: As a boil kettle, recommended for 8 gallon batches

  • Dimensional Shipping Weight applies - Click here for details.

    Height 18.9"
    Diameter 15.7"

    Customer Reviews

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    Overall Rating: 4.6

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    Incredible kettle Review by Hank

    (Posted on 2/12/14)

    Product Rating:

    I make 5 - 10 gallons of beer almost every week, and this kettle has greatly improved the process and added to the enjoyment. Having a ball valve is a big step up from using a siphon. And having a 15 gallon pot is a lot better than 7.5 gallon pot and boil overs.

    The more I use it, the more I like it Review by Sample

    (Posted on 1/6/14)

    Product Rating:

    Great pot, great features, love the pot. The only thing I'd change is to position the thermometer at the 4.5 gallon line so the pot can comfortably be used for 5 gallon batches.

    Practical Review by Redmond

    (Posted on 11/26/13)

    Product Rating:

    Good choice on getting this size rather than the 10 gallon because I can make 10 gallon beers with it. Better than the MegaPot, it's taller and less wide, has a great dip tube and ball valve. The thermometer and sight gauge are helpful.

    They best kettle I've owned Review by OD

    (Posted on 8/17/13)

    Product Rating:

    As I've used this pot over the last year I've come to appreciate all of it's features. I used to think the sight glass wasn't a big deal, but its convenient. I really like the adjustable thermometer. The ball valve is excellent. The pot lid can hang from the pot. And the pot is taller rather than wider. No regrets at all.

    Love this kettle Review by BatmanTheBrewer

    (Posted on 6/20/13)

    Product Rating:

    i just used this kettle for the first time i have absolutely no complaints. It was worth every penny. I would recommend this product to friends or family forget the price and just go for it

    Good quality but thermometer placement is not well thought out. Review by patrickdom

    (Posted on 4/27/13)

    Product Rating:

    The build quality of the product seems to be very good but the one major complaint I have is the placement of the thermometer. It is placed about half-way up the side of the kettle, so unless you are boiling a full 8 gallons of liquid, it's pretty much worthless. I am mostly doing 5 gallon batches and wanted the option to go larger so I purchased the 15 gallon size - was clearly a mistake.

    Wish that they would have placed the thermometer much lower, so a 5 gallon boil could make use of the thermometer and also that Midwest staff would have advised of this when I spoke with them in deciding on the purchase.

    A fine brew pot Review by Pete

    (Posted on 4/11/13)

    Product Rating:

    I am enjoying using my 15 gallon Boilermaker. I can brew 5 or 10 gallon batches of beer with this pot. It's got the bells and whistles, but what I like most is it's taller and narrower, so the liquid volume is more roundish, so it retains it's thermal mass better than a wider and shallower pot. The dip tube is amazing, if I open the ball valve and let it drain, I can get out all but a fraction of a quart. The obvious negative is the high price, but considering the quality and add ons it's not unreasonable.

    To Notch Quality Review by C

    (Posted on 3/24/13)

    Product Rating:

    My first upgrade from basic low country boil stock pot and couldn't be more pleased with the quality and workmanship. Haven't had a chance to use it yet, so yet to be determined the ease of cleaning the sightglass, etc, but I wouldn't expect any problems.

    Professional Kettle Review by Jude

    (Posted on 3/13/13)

    Product Rating:

    Its got every feature and convenience I need to brew beer. Its solidly constructed, a good shape (not wide and short), has a great reinforced sight gauge, a great ball valve & dip tube, a good thermometer, a heat shield, and a the lid rest on the handle. I use it for 5 to 10 gallon batches (use some Fermcap for 10 gallons). I have no complaints.

    Recommended for the serious brewer Review by Humulus41

    (Posted on 2/17/13)

    Product Rating:

    While I do not define myself as the serious brewer, I plan to get there. This is a very expensive piece of equipment, but I prefer quality over quantity any day. Currently, I am only brewing 5-gal batches, but wanted to invest in a larger kettle/false bottom to accommodate 10-gal batches and/or wet hopping this fall. I already brewed 2 batches with it, and am more than satisfied. Only downside is that the brewmometer does not work on 5-gal batches. This is easily solved by brewing larger batches. 

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