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Blonde Belgian Candi Syrup - 1 lb.


Product Number: 2223

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Want to add sweetness to your beer without adding color? The Blonde Belgian Candi Syrup is light colored candi syrup, cooked briefly to achieve high fermentability and to partially invert sugar. Will not add any color to wort.

- SRM: 1
- 1.032 PPG.

Note: Ships in 1 lb. foil pouch.

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Key ingredient in Trappist ales Review by Dan

(Posted on 12/19/13)

Product Rating:

This is a staple that you will be using if you make Trappist ales like I do. It's better quality than some of the cheap substitutes and lightens the body of the beer.

Dubbels and tripels should benefit from this Review by Chris

(Posted on 10/26/13)

Product Rating:

Add it 10 minutes before flame out. The sugar adds alcohol and thins the beer out a little, making it lighter and more drinkable. It dissolves easily and is better than the hard sugar.

Boost Trappist ale alcohol level Review by Andrew

(Posted on 8/24/13)

Product Rating:

This is good stuff for brewing high gravity Trappist ales. Its dissolves easily and has no color or odor. It helps to thin what would otherwise be a thick beer.

Recommended for big Belgian beers Review by Chase

(Posted on 6/26/13)

Product Rating:

I use this in my Belgian Tripels to up the alcohol. Its easy to dissolve and has no color. It lightens the body so its more drinkable.

Great for off the wall non-Belgian brews Review by Rob Healy

(Posted on 6/11/13)

Product Rating:

I added this 15 minutes prior to FO to an English Pale Ale I was making. After 4 weeks, this sugary, caramelly character shines right through, AND this obviously helped boost the booze to insane levels. Great fermentable addition for a "home cooked" type sweetness.

Lightens the body Review by David

(Posted on 4/13/13)

Product Rating:

This makes a great addition to Belgian Ales. It adds no color while lightening the body. I's easier to use than candi sugar since it dissolves more easily. This tastes good, not like some cheap inverted sugar with acid.

I use it in Belgian-style dubbels Review by Ilana

(Posted on 1/11/13)

Product Rating:

I had a recipe that called for one pound of this. I added the syrup at 5 minutes before flame out, and it was thoroughly dissolved at flameout. It add a nice sweetness that you can't get by just adding sugar because that will ferment.

Clarification Review by Marc Harmon

(Posted on 7/2/12)

Product Rating:

Based on the website, Simplicity has no acid in it. They do state clearly that they do not use acids. Additionally, if you compare the flavor of Simplicity with an acid-based invert you're going to get something very different (the acid stove top stuff does not ferment as well and the flavor is always off). So anyway, just thought you should know the rest of the story. Try it yourself and see.

substitute Review by staffvt

(Posted on 3/21/12)

Product Rating:

I found out what this was after I bought it. It is just inverted sugar. which is just sugar and water cooked with acid to a certain temperature. Next time I will just make it myself and spend the amount of money on something else.

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Blonde Belgian Candi Syrup - 1 lb.

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