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Brewing Starter Kit

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Our most popular equipment kit - everything you need to make homebrewing easier.

Learn and grow. The Brewing Starter Kit has everything you need to begin brewing and hone your techniques. It features easy-to-use equipment and an instructional DVD to walk you through the brewing process. This kit includes some significant equipment to make life easier and help you grow as a brewer, such as an auto-siphon - for easier transferring of your beer - and a 5 gallon carboy, which enables you to perform 2-stage fermentation and have two batches of beer fermenting at once. We recommend this kit for brewing all types of beers, especially high alcohol or lager beers, as it includes equipment for two-stage fermentation.

The Brewing Starter Kit includes:
5 gallon carboy (your choice of glass or plastic)
Universal carboy bung
6.5 gallon fermentor and lid
Dual scale liquid thermometer
Hydrometer and test jar
2 oz Midwest Oxygen Wash
Instructional step-by-step DVD
5/16” Auto-Siphon
5/16” siphon tubing
Small tubing clamp
Bottling bucket with spigot
Bottle filler
Bottle Capper
60 gold bottle caps
Bottle Brush
Carboy Brush (included with Glass Carboy version only)
Does Not include a Beer Recipe Kit - our Extract Kits are specially designed to work with this starter equipment. Click Here to choose a popular Beer Recipe Kit.

Catalog SKU EK10027 (glass) / EK10028 (plastic)

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Overall Rating: 4.8

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A Repeat Customer Review by Liv

(Posted on 12/3/14)

Product Rating:

Last Christmas, I bought my fiance this kit. I know nothing about beer brewing and next to nothing about beer in general. I called Midwest's customer service for advice and the man who helped me was both knowledgeable and friendly. He directed me to this kit and I never looked back.

This kit is great and very user friendly. For two beer brewing rookies, the DVD and written instructions were easy to follow and our first batch came out great! Midwest gives you everything you need to get started in this enjoyable hobby.

Needless to say, when my dad mentioned that he would like to get into wine making a few weeks ago, I knew exactly where to go for his Christmas present! I just ordered a wine making starter kit from Midwest and I am sure that I will not be disappointed! I will be a repeat customer as long as I have men in my life who want to brew!

Thank you!

Great Kit Review by Dave

(Posted on 7/14/14)

Product Rating:

I purchased this kit with both upgrades and was very happy to find i had everything I could possible need to start brewing. The only additions I would recommend to this kit is a sanitizer. The quality and price of the kit were great and everything shipped the next day so i was brewing the same week i ordered.

Pretty good kit overall Review by David

(Posted on 6/16/14)

Product Rating:

Good kit in general. It has everything you need to get started (less a kettle of course). I bottled my first batch of homebrew, and the capper works great. My only complaint was was the bottling wand. It doesn't quite stop the flow completely, so it makes a bit of a mess when you go from bottle to bottle. I think I will upgrade to a spring loaded wand from my local shop, but you can still work with this set.

Good Beer...Period Review by Imperial Blonde

(Posted on 4/18/14)

Product Rating:

I borrowed the brew kit from my Pastor with some reserved thoughts of brewing my own beer when I can just go to the liquor store and pick through hundreds of kinds of beers.... Well, I can honestly say it was worth the process even though this is a "beginners" kit. This beer tastes as good or better than any beer you can buy in a store.

The only knock on my first batch is that it left my lips a little sticky after drinking, otherwise I love it.

Good Purchase Review by Brandon

(Posted on 4/6/14)

Product Rating:

I was impressed with the quality of this kit. I went with the glass carboy despite the weight and glad I did. It is high quality and will last forever. I would suggest getting a thief to go along with this kit as it would make it easier to take a gravity reading with rather that the plastic beaker that comes with the kit. Also, make sure to get a good sanitizer to sanitize all equipment before it comes into contact with the wort. The siphon also works well.

Has everything you need Review by Kurtis

(Posted on 4/4/14)

Product Rating:

I purchased this starter kit after doing a lot of research on other kits and decided to go with this one due to the price and what all it includes. I recieved it and everything was in order. I cleaned all of the components and found the bottle filler was leaking out of one side but Midwest supplier shipped a new one out immediately to me and I received it the next day. All in all this had everything I needed and I was very happy with the price and quality of everything. I am in the middle of brewing my first batch and am very excited to bottle it and get my second one going.

Ready set brew Review by Spy V

(Posted on 2/5/14)

Product Rating:

This kit was the way to go when I got started the video was very help full. The price was the cheapest of all the company's I looked at and quality is great . All I have to do now is what to bottle my next batch and drink my first.

You can make a lot of beer with this Review by Millburn

(Posted on 2/4/14)

Product Rating:

With a carboy and a better bottle I can brew twice a month. 2 weeks in the primary, 2 in the secondary, then bottle it. This kit meets all my brewing needs.

Great Kit Review by Chris

(Posted on 1/18/14)

Product Rating:

This was my first kit and is what starting my home brewing. Comes with everything you need to get started except a burner and kettle if you don't have that already. It would also be nice if it came with some sanitizer since it already comes with some cleaner but no worries still great.

If your going with the plastic carboy, know that you will not receive the carboy brush noted in the description as you don't use one to clean the plastic carboys, they scratch easy leaving open places for bacteria to hide. Just soak with some unscented oxyclean solution filled to top overnight and next day its spotless.

I just got it and made my first beer Review by Sean

(Posted on 1/18/14)

Product Rating:

The kit had everything I needed to make my first beer. I can see getting a lot of use out of this kit.

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Brewing Starter Kit

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