Brewing Starter Kit

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Our most popular equipment kit - everything you need to make homebrewing easier.

Learn and grow. The Brewing Starter Kit has everything you need to begin brewing and hone your techniques. It features easy-to-use equipment and an instructional DVD to walk you through the brewing process. This kit includes some significant equipment to make life easier and help you grow as a brewer, such as an auto-siphon - for easier transferring of your beer - and a 5 gallon carboy, which enables you to perform 2-stage fermentation and have two batches of beer fermenting at once. We recommend this kit for brewing all types of beers, especially high alcohol or lager beers, as it includes equipment for two-stage fermentation.

The Brewing Starter Kit includes:
5 gallon carboy (your choice of glass or plastic)
Universal carboy bung
6.5 gallon fermentor and lid
Fermometer Dual-scale liquid crystal thermometer
Hydrometer and test jar
2 oz Midwest Oxygen Wash
Instructional step-by-step DVD
5/16” Auto-Siphon
5/16” siphon tubing
Small tubing clamp
Bottling bucket with spigot
Bottle filler
Bottle Capper
60 gold bottle caps
Bottle Brush
Carboy Brush (included with Glass Carboy version only)

Catalog SKU EK10027 (glass) / EK10028 (plastic)

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Brewing Starter Kit

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