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Buon Vino Pre-Screen Filter for Super Jet


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The Buon Vino Pre-Screen Filter for Super Jet can help keep your Super Jet Filter running smooth for years. Things like oak chips, part of the vine, leaves, and grape skin can cause your filter all sorts of problems if they enter the motor area. The pre-screen helps prevent those types of things from getting into your motor, which could easily burn your motor out. Protect your investment by using this filter before your wine reaches the main filter.

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I have a minijet and got this to prevent it from getting clogged Review by Millburn

(Posted on 2/11/14)

Product Rating:

Its a "have to" own component. The mini jet is good at what it does, which means it can get clogged, which means you should get this to pre-filter the wine.

Needed accessory for your Super Jet Review by Sample

(Posted on 12/1/13)

Product Rating:

It should come with the base unit, it's that important, and is worth the money. It makes the unit more expensive but you will be happy when you see the results.

Saves money in teh long run Review by Dan

(Posted on 9/15/13)

Product Rating:

I have the Buon Super jet and over time have had to replace the valve because particulate damaged it over time. The pre-screen does a great job of keeping out oak pieces and other particulate that can cause damage and since using it I've not had any problems. You are only going to run into this if you bottle a lot of wine. If you only make 7 batches a year you might not notice it until years go by. But if you make 35 batches a year it will be noticeable.

Great product Review by Richard

(Posted on 2/21/13)

Product Rating:

If you own the Buon Vino mini jet then you need this filter. The mini jet comes with somewhat of a filter on the tube that is supplied with the pump, but it doesn't compare to this filter. The only issues that I have with this is that one its incredibly hard to unscrew the top, and two it should be supplied with the appropriate tubing. I didn't realize that the prescreen had a larger diameter tube fittings than the tubes that were supplied with the mini jet. I could rearrange the tubes on my machine but then I would have to by pass my filter and just use it for racking. I need it for racking and filtering so it should at least specify in the description that you need to buy additional parts in order for this to work with the mini jet.

Update. Review by Front Row

(Posted on 9/24/12)

Product Rating:

As promised, I would add a review after working with this item for a few months. This Pre-Screen should be sold with the filter. The screen protects the filter from becoming clogged and ruining the valve. Recently, I filtered ten gallons of wine that I thought I racked prior to remove sediment and oak chips. To my surprise the bottom of the carboy was loaded with oak and sediment. The valve on the filter did not become clogged and kept working because the screen caught most of the lees. I had to rinse the screen after each carboy was filtered, but that was worth the trouble. Another reviewer wrote that it took great effort to unscrew the capsule that holds the screen and that is correct. Do not use the barbs as leverage but rather use two towels or rags (one in each hand) and that should help remove the capsule. If you buy the filter it is necessary to buy the screen.

Most likely a must for your filter. Review by Front Row

(Posted on 6/11/12)

Product Rating:

I own the Buon Vino Super Jet and after replacing the valve numerous times, I purchased this pre-filter that seems to help. While filtering a pear mead, the lees or some strange murky and slimy substance ruined the valve on the filter. I used the pre-filter the next time and the screen inside did catch some of the unwanted matter and I had no trouble with the valve. This pre-filter is a must if you use oak sawdust or shavings. I will update this review as I filter some other wines later this month.

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Buon Vino Pre-Screen Filter for Super Jet

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