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Barbed Swivel Nut


Product Number: 5185x

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Barbed swivel nuts allow you to easily attach tubing to any 1/4" MFL (Male Flare Thread) fitting. You can use barbed swivel nuts for liquid or gas applications.

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Good for gas lines Review by Sample

(Posted on 1/18/14)

Product Rating:

Make sit easy to attach gas lines. If your CO2 regulator doesn't have a barb then this is the ideal pick up for you. It made mine a lot easier to use.

Worth the upfront cost Review by JD

(Posted on 12/8/13)

Product Rating:

Its what I needed to connect my lines to my regulator. By swiveling there is no bending of the lines or pinching. I like the extra flexibility and swivel nuts are the way to go.

Simple and Great Review by Matt

(Posted on 9/19/13)

Product Rating:

Quality is awesome and easy to attach to the line. These make changing out parts of the system very easy! This will help save your line - no need to cut it from the barb everytime you need to change something.

good for gas lines Review by Redmond

(Posted on 9/5/13)

Product Rating:

Unfortunately my C02 Regulator did not have a barbed end to connect to the gas line. I used this swivel nut and a hose clamp to connect the gas line and it's now working.

Great for changing out kegs Review by slcdawg

(Posted on 9/4/13)

Product Rating:

These are great. They allow me to easily interchange ball lock homebrew kegs and sanke (store bought) kegs. Soak your tubes in hot water and they can be installed easily.

Good product Review by Nate N

(Posted on 8/2/13)

Product Rating:

I use these to connect my beer lines to my keg fittings. They work great and are easy to install. Just heat the end of the plastic tubing in some hot water and slip it over the barb. Great product.

Necessary for Kegging Review by Soonami

(Posted on 7/24/13)

Product Rating:

I know some people don't use flared connectors and just rely on barbs for regulators and such, but I find this to be much easier to use and a breeze to clean lines. There's a bit more upfront cost compared to barbed connectors, but it's worth it, especially if you pick up pin-lock kegs for cheap even though you normally use ball-lock and vice versa.

Just make sure you get Swivel Nut Gaskets to ensure a good seal

Decent Review by Trent

(Posted on 4/19/13)

Product Rating:

These are chrome plated and hold up decent considering but they do lose the plating eventually. For the price its a good unit, but stainless versions would be nice to see!

Better than plain barbed connectors Review by Dan

(Posted on 3/26/13)

Product Rating:

I like these for all my liquid and gas lines. For one thing, they swivel so there is no torque on the line, you can twist it to where it needs to be. Also, it allows you to change connectors out, if for example you want a liquid disconnect on your gas line.

If the male flare fitting you are using is metal and does not have a plastic seal built in you need to get one separately, but they are very cheap.

Awesome Review by Jeff

(Posted on 3/25/13)

Product Rating:

I use these for all of my lines and QD's. The extra initial upfront cost is well worth the investment when compared to the headache of changing lines and gives you additional flexibility. Swivel nuts are the way to go IMO.

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Barbed Swivel Nut

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