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Cobalt Blue 16 oz. EZ Cap Beer Bottles, CASE OF 12


Product Number: 40850

Availability: In stock

Cobalt Blue 16 oz. EZ Cap Beer Bottles, CASE OF 12

Capping your bottles just got easier with our 16-oz. Cobalt blue EZ cap beer bottles that use the innovative Grolsch-style swing-caps. Keep the freshness in with EZ seals while the blue color keeps out harmful UV rays.

  • 1 case: 12 bottles per case
  • Rubber gaskets last 5-6 uses
  • Blue color keeps visible light and UV rays from spoiling the beer
  • Standard crown caps may be used with these bottles; a bench capper is needed.

Bottle Size 16 oz.
Type EZ Cap

Customer Reviews

27 People have reviewed this product

Overall Rating: 4.7

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BLUE BOTTLES Review by james

(Posted on 3/31/14)

Product Rating:

Love the using the blue bottles. The EZ Cap makes bottle a breeze plus the blue color keeps it different in the fridge from other beers.

Great Bottles Review by gaiawonf

(Posted on 2/22/14)

Product Rating:

We love these bottles. We have used them for kombucha tea, water kefir and several beers. We have had some very carbonated beverages in them and haven't had a problem yet! Its great that these are reusable and the e.z. cap tops and seals can be replaced if needed. Definitely, may need a backlit area to fill them as it can be difficult to see where the fluid is, but I would definitely recommend these to anyone.

Better than regular bottles Review by Dan

(Posted on 2/8/14)

Product Rating:

1 - they hold more beer, making bottling day shorter

2 - they look great

3 - you can reseal them if you don't pour all at one time

1 - they cost more

Nice heavy bottles Review by Frank

(Posted on 1/29/14)

Product Rating:

These bottles are nice and heavy, but I have had more luck using them with crown caps than the swing tops. The swing top plastic has a seam that sometimes let's CO2 escape and it is tedious to clean up that seam on every top when only a few might actually leak.

If I ordered again I would probably get the brown bottles as they afford better protection from light.

Work Well Review by Adam

(Posted on 1/14/14)

Product Rating:

These bottles work well and are very easy to cap after filling. Highly recommended. They also look cool!

One pint Review by Orson

(Posted on 12/14/13)

Product Rating:

The bottle holds a pink and doesn't need a capper to seal. Not only does the bottle look great, it speeds up my bottling day.

These are truly beautiful Review by Rogue Scholar

(Posted on 11/7/13)

Product Rating:

Just received these last night, I've got a cherry cider that is in the 2nd fermention corboy. I'm going to use them for that batch. I'd give these away only as presents - too nice to give out every day. Highly recommend, might purchase the larger ones as well.

Great beer bottles Review by William

(Posted on 10/17/13)

Product Rating:

They save time because I don't have to cap them, they hold 16 ounces instead of 12, and they look artistic, very stylish. These are my favorite bottles in my collection.

looks fantastic Review by Sanjay

(Posted on 9/1/13)

Product Rating:

These bottles look fantastic and they are just as functional. They hold 16 ounces instead of 12 so I only need fill 40 instead of 50 bottled. I also like drinking a pint, because 12 ounces leaves me wanting more.

Attractive Review by Nadim

(Posted on 7/14/13)

Product Rating:

The bottles are very attractive and hold a pint rather than 12 ounces so it only takes around 40 bottles to fill up instead of 50, and I dont have to use a capper or buy caps..

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Cobalt Blue 16 oz. EZ Cap Beer Bottles, CASE OF 12