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Cobalt Blue 32 oz. EZ Cap Beer Bottles, CASE OF 12


Product Number: 6710CB

Availability: In stock

These 32oz. Cobalt Blue EZ cap beer bottles are great because they do not require a capper, since they come complete with a Grolsch-style swing-cap (included). The bottles come with smooth sides which makes it easy to add your own label. The rubber gaskets will last for at least 5 or 6 uses. 12 bottles to a case.

These bottles *can* be capped with standard crown caps, but you'll need a bench capper to apply the crowns. The Red Baron and Black Beauty hand cappers cannot accomodate the wide necks on the EZ Cap bottles.

Bottle Size 32 oz.
Type EZ Cap

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Overall Rating: 4.7

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Attractive Review by Sample

(Posted on 3/4/14)

Product Rating:

Saves bottling time because I can fill 20 of these from a 5 gallon batch. These are easy to store on a shelf and I can fi a full 5 gallons on just one shelf. I have a tall shelf and have my own beer library.

Look really nice Review by Sample

(Posted on 1/5/14)

Product Rating:

I really like how these look, much nicer than any bottles I've seen before. When filled with a dark liquid they look dark and you can't see the blue. They hold a lot of cider and beer, about 2/3 of a batch.

Upscale Blue bottle Review by Sean

(Posted on 11/24/13)

Product Rating:

They look great and can reseal. Occasionally there is one that doesn't hold the carbon dioxide as well as the others and the beer is less carbonated.

Holds a lot Review by Sanjay

(Posted on 10/9/13)

Product Rating:

Its resealable so I can have have a pint, mow the lawn, and finish the bottle. Its good for sharing and transporting because of it's larger size. The bottles look pretty and are easier on bottling day.

Among the nicest bottles in my collection Review by William

(Posted on 8/16/13)

Product Rating:

Its a beautiful bottle, and I have many. I have some of the 32 ounce swing tops in Amber and Clear and these look the best, though I like them all. These don't leak. I keep beer in them for a few months without problem. Check your gasket and also make sure you assembled it correctly and that the metal foot didn't slip out of the hole in the bottle.

Nice bottles for beer Review by SJW

(Posted on 8/5/13)

Product Rating:

I'm happy with it. I can fill 19-20 of these from a 5 gallon batch of beer and that makes bottling day go by faster. I also like to drink more than 12 ounces so this is a good size when i want a full beer. And if I only want half, I can reseal the bottle.

Beautiful blue color Review by Will

(Posted on 4/15/13)

Product Rating:

These look very nice and are a good size - a quart. I can bring samples to the club or beer to get togethers and its just the right size. Plus the large size makes bottling easier as 4 of these hold a gallon, so thats 10 less bottles to fill.

Easy to use and they look good Review by Steven

(Posted on 3/11/13)

Product Rating:

It's easy to spot my brew in the fridge using these bottles !

Elegant Review by Andy

(Posted on 2/14/13)

Product Rating:

These bottles are heavy and beautiful. I was very pleased when I opened up the box. The cobalt blue is very nice and the shape of the bottle gives it a total elegance.

Presentation Value Review by Jim

(Posted on 2/13/13)

Product Rating:

Gorgeous bottles, adds definite presentation points, the large volume saves time when bottling and no issues with carbonation. Again the large volume was a huge plus, and hey who drinks a single beer anyway!

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Cobalt Blue 32 oz. EZ Cap Beer Bottles, CASE OF 12

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