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Draft Brewer™ Flex Keg System


Product Number: K505

Availability: In stock

Introducing Draft Brewer™, the first complete taproom in a box. Quick setup, minimal maintenance, and more time than ever to enjoy your craft.

The Draft Brewer™ Flex System is ready out-of-the-box to get your taproom up and running. Start serving and sharing two brews within just days of receiving your new system.

Fully-assembled Draft Brewer™ tap lines snap right on your keg. Enjoy your brew sooner and carbonate two kegs with a CO2 tank (not included) in 1-2 days instead of 2-4 weeks.

With the Flex System you can separately control the serving pressure of each keg! Have more than just variety on tap—serve each variety at the perfect carbonation levels, even if they’re different.

Flexible control means you don’t have to serve from both kegs or carbonate both kegs at the same time. You can carbonate a second keg while continuing to serve from the first!

The Flex System's double-body Governor® gives you more control and flexibility than any other kegging system. Adjust the carbonation in real-time and guarantee perfect pours, even if your brews require different serving pressure. The ultra-durable double-body Governor® CO2 regulator makes carbonation easier than ever. Hand-adjustable pressure knobs are twist-and-go. High-contrast gauges give you pressure information in a quick glance.

Best of all, it takes just a swish of sanitizer to prep your Draft Brewer™ kegs for the next batch. Don’t just share your homebrew, share a lineup of it! Keep variety on tap with the dual-keg Draft Brewer™ Flex System. Keep the flow of beer constant and keep the party going.

Includes everything except a CO2 tank to share and enjoy draft homebrew.


  • Two Draft Brewer™ 5-Gallon Kegs
  • Double Body Governor® CO2 Regulator
  • Two fully assembled gas lines & nylon washers to ensure tight seals
  • Two fully assembled draft lines for pouring brew from your kegs

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Overall Rating: 5.0

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Flex keg dual system Review by Ray

(Posted on 7/20/15)

Product Rating:

Ordered on Wednesday and received on Friday. Reading some of the other reviews I was worried. It's all here but will take some time to check it out. The tanks are NEW with a relief valve. The regulator is big enough for even my old eyes to see but it's big. The lines even have swivel nuts so the lines don't get twisted. The only thing I think may be a problem is the beer lines are only 5 feet. Looking for a frid right now so I can get it hooked up and running. I'll be buying more things from Midwest as I have never had a problem and the ask the Brewers is a great feature

keg system Review by John

(Posted on 7/22/14)

Product Rating:

used ball locks in very good cond. works well do check to make sure all fittings are snug. tap on one side leaked called MW and they sent new tap thank you customer service and Todd Jackson. I would have given the rating a 4 star but MW great service and going above and beyond they earned 5 stars!!!

Great Product, Great customer service Review by Sam

(Posted on 7/13/14)

Product Rating:

Got tired of cleaning and saving bottles so decided it was time to keg. These are have been a perfect jump off point. I can fit a 5 lb CO2 tank, and both kegs in an old apartment fridge I had with minimal modifications. Everything has worked great right out of the box except a small ding on the regulator out nozzle which midwest supply sent me the part to fix (after making sure I was comfortable fixing it myself).
On tap - Belgian IPA, Belgian Ale
In Carboy - Summer ale
On Deck - Watermelon wheat

Great quality and value Review by Matt

(Posted on 1/26/14)

Product Rating:

I couldn't be more satisfied with this system. The kegs were actually in really good shape and clean, and although I was a bit worried based on the other reviews, nothing was missing from the system. Had my batch of IPA kegged and carbonated in no time.

A little lose Review by todaytriper

(Posted on 1/23/14)

Product Rating:

All the hardware on this system are lose, I mean just hand tight . Witch would be ok is there was some instrutions. Put it together out side and try it out

Great Investment Review by Craig Spencer

(Posted on 12/4/13)

Product Rating:

I debated getting this for some time, but am glad I did. Although it required a few emails to get everything, once I put it all together, it worked great! The kegs were a little beat up, but cleaned up well and work well. Just make sure to get a new set of O-rings because the ones on the keg smell like Pepsi.

Well worth it Review by Tommy K

(Posted on 11/8/13)

Product Rating:

This system is worth every penny! Cuts out priming time when bottling which is a huge time saver. In addition to that, you cut out the time consuming and tedious process of the actual bottling. I had an old fridge and tapped two holes in the front door and not only does it look cool but works so well! It's portable as well! great for tailgating. Just get the picnic tap and put everything in a big bucket or waste basket, ice and you're ready to go.

Kegging saved so much time Review by perks713

(Posted on 10/23/13)

Product Rating:

I've been brewing with friends for a number of years but finally started doing it myself. The biggest annoyance I had was bottling, it took forever to sanitize all the bottles, fill all the bottles and a ton of room to store all the bottles. I made the jump to the dual kegging system because I didn't have to deal with any of that. And I was able to force carbonate my beer and drink it weeks earlier without the fear of exploding bottles in the basement. I priced out a keg systems from various online venders and local brew stores, Midwest had solid prices and everything came in working order.

Very happy Review by Beastly Brew

(Posted on 9/29/13)

Product Rating:

We just got into home brew and after seven or so batches of bottling we decided that we need a keg system. At first i was nervous about the condition of the kegs because of the disclaimer, i am not sure if i got lucky or not but the kegs were in far better shape then i expected them to be. This regulator is also very heavy and well made, with this one you can force carbonate one beer while serving another on tap. Well worth the money

Why bottle Review by Jonathan

(Posted on 8/20/13)

Product Rating:

I've been using this system for over 6 months and no issue. 1 keg had a few dings but nothing to worry about. The dual regulator is heavy duty. It's very nice to be able to be force carbing one keg while holding pour pressure in another. Highly recommend the dual regulator.

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