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Economy Stainless Steel Brewing Pot - 7.5 Gallon

Product Number: 7303

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Polarware Stainless Steel 7.5-Gallon Kettle and Lid

This is one of our best kettles to brew beer in, made of stainless steel that won’t scratch, rust or chip. Large enough to do a full wort boil for 5 gallons, it leaves enough room to prevent a boil-over before it happens.

  • Polished stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty handles
  • 7.5-gallon size
  • Virtually scratch-, rust- and chip-free
  • Lid, wall and base thickness: 0.016"
  • Interior approx. 13"D x 12-3/4"H

This kettle is not eligible for our drill service

Height 12.88"
Diameter 13.19"

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Economy Stainless Steel Brewing Pot - 7.5 Gallon

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