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FastRack Beer Bottle Drying & Storage System

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As homebrewers, we understand that empty bottles are the temples which once housed a carefully crafted batch of brew and will continue to do so for many beers to come. While they are waiting to be filled with the next delicious batch of liquid, FastRack gives your bottles the respect they deserve- keeping them safe, clean and dry. And by taking up one third of the space and far less time, FastRack lets you craft more brews from start to finish.

Because your unfilled bottles deserve to be treated better than empties.

The FastRack starter setup can accomodate the following bottle types:

48 (24 per rack) – Standard Bottles – 12oz (330ml – 375ml)

24 (12 per rack) – Bomber Bottles – 22oz (650ml)

24 (12 per rack) – Belgian Style Bottles – 22oz (650ml)

Catalog SKUs 41124 (Starter System) 41122 (FastRack rack) and 41123 (FastRack tray)

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Overall Rating: 3.7

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Good for standard long neck bottles Review by BenQ

(Posted on 10/31/14)

Product Rating:

This is a quality made system for drip drying and storing like sized standard American style 12oz long neck bottles. I like to clean and use heavier glass from 11.2 oz Belgium bottles such as Chimay or Duvel and these shorter bottles don't fit well in the Fastrack. They are better suited for the bottle tree.

Great way to dry and store bottles Review by Jason

(Posted on 2/17/14)

Product Rating:

I get used bottles by the case. I clean them and stack them up so they are ready when it's bottling time. I stack them 4 levels high, so the foot print is small.

An effective way to dry and store bottlkes Review by Koosman

(Posted on 12/27/13)

Product Rating:

Its actually quite clever. I dry and store my bottles at the same time. I have 4 for them so I can store 4 cases.

Its ok, but a bottle tree is just as good Review by Will

(Posted on 11/24/13)

Product Rating:

I trued out the fast rack and its ok for storing a couple of cases of bottles. For teh price its a better investment to get a bottle tree.

Great! Review by strib

(Posted on 11/21/13)

Product Rating:

This thing is great, before I was just washing and setting my bottles right side up and having to tip them over every day to get the water which would settle after rinsing. I feel it is more stable than a bottle tree. Wish it was shipped with 3 trays instead of two. Or an option to order just a single tray.

best of new products Review by Brett

(Posted on 11/7/13)

Product Rating:

The best time saving device I have bought in a while. Cleaning and sterilizing is NECESSARY EVIL. This device makes it a lot easier to do. No more bottle trees tipping over or being knocked over by the dog or myself. Also provides storage space for empties when you aren't actively sanitizing and drying. Also capacity of a 2 tray system is more like 63 if you stack between bottles on the top. I'd speak to customer service first if I were planning to rack a lot of bombers or wine bottles to get the right size racks.

I like these Review by Dan

(Posted on 10/30/13)

Product Rating:

I get dirty bottles from the junk yard and clean them in bulk. These fast racks are useful for drying them, and then storing them. I could use a bottle tree, but this is more compact. For a piece of molded plastic its rather spendy.

Better than cardboard boxes Review by Redmond

(Posted on 9/30/13)

Product Rating:

I have a couple and they are better than cardboard boxes. Are they worth buying at $36 for a couple of pieces of plastic is a different story. I'm glad to have them, but cardboard boxes are good enough for me. I clean bottles as I use them, I don't wait until the end, so I only use them for storage.

good for 12 ounce bottles Review by Chris

(Posted on 9/12/13)

Product Rating:

The rack is compact and easy to flip and move around. Its convenient that the bottles can dry in it and no dust gets in. Put the 4 tallest bottles (need to be teh same length) in the corners. Swing tops wont fit.

Good but expensive Review by Capn

(Posted on 7/31/13)

Product Rating:

I have 2 and they are a lot better than the bottle tree,
Its a neat concept but rather expensive for what it is.
For half the price it would be a good deal.

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FastRack Beer Bottle Drying & Storage System

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