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Ferrari Automatic Bottle Filler


Product Number: 8245

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This slick unit can be used for bottling both still & sparkling wine. The filler has a tapered fitting that accommodates 5/16”, 3/8” & 1/2” siphon hoses. To use, simply attach the siphon hose to the spigot on the bottling bucket & filler unit, turn the spigot on, push the button on the filler & the filling begins! When the bottle is full, the unit automatically shuts off. The rubber piece that goes into the bottle can be moved to adjust the fill level. The nut on the top of the unit allows regulation of the flow.

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Overall Rating: 4.2

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Great for Wine and Mead Review by danr

(Posted on 3/23/14)

Product Rating:

For my first few batches I used the spring tip bottle filler that came with my starter kit. I wish I had bought the Ferrari automatic bottle filler sooner. No more overflowing bottles and you can adjust the fill level. Just remember to click the release buttons.

Very good filler Review by JD

(Posted on 12/13/13)

Product Rating:

At first I had a hard time with it, and spilled some wine (the flow tube must be snug), but I figured it out and its a great filler. Its easy to use and to clean.

Works as Stated Review by John

(Posted on 11/25/13)

Product Rating:

I used this to bottle my first batch of wine. It worked okay after I got the used to the way it worked. It leaked at first until I figured out I had to adjust air flow by using the screw valve on top. It works okay but if I decide to make more wine than beer I would invest in a more expensive bottler source.

Ferrari Automatic Bottle Filler Review by Tory

(Posted on 11/6/13)

Product Rating:

Works great as long as you don't have your wine bottles to far below the vats. If the wine comes out to fast you will get some blow out from the top vent tube. I just stick the vent tube into an empty bottle and let it blow, that way I don't have any wast. I usually start out with the top of the bottles even with the bottom of my Carboy then when half way done raise the Carboy up 8". I have bottled at least 500 bottles with mine, I just broke the top vent tube cap and instead of gluing it back together for the price I am going to buy another.

Really good for the price Review by John

(Posted on 10/20/13)

Product Rating:

Yes, instructions might have been nice, but this isn't a particularly difficult device to figure out. And yes, there was a very small amount of leakage. But for the price, this is great. It is effective and makes this job pretty easy. Unless it wears out quickly (I've only used for two batches so far), it is easily worth the price.

For $15 its pretty good Review by Sample

(Posted on 10/11/13)

Product Rating:

It's not that well made, and it takes some experimentation to use it, but when you get the hang of it, it's pretty good.

Its a neat tool when you finally master it Review by Sanjay

(Posted on 8/25/13)

Product Rating:

The filler makes almost no mess, it shuts off when it's supposed to, and is fast - I can bottle 25 bottles in under 15 minutes. The directions are not very good, so it takes a little playing around with it. But once you master it, its very good.

Do Not Buy This Review by Brad

(Posted on 8/21/13)

Product Rating:

After reading several posts, I feared this product wouldn't work. After testing on a single bottle, I noticed a loose piece of rubber jutting out of the valve seat. On my innaugural run, I filled one more bottle befor the unit stopped working and started spewing wine all over my kitchen. Do not buy!

Its a great bottle filler Review by Ortona

(Posted on 4/14/13)

Product Rating:

A great filler, it automatically shuts off when the bottle is full. After using it I wished I had bought it when I started wine making. I've used it for 2 years with no problems.

Best One on the Market Review by ~Joshua

(Posted on 2/19/13)

Product Rating:

I've bottled thousands of bottles over the last six years with one of these bad-boys. This product works great! It's fast, efficient and consistent. Once and a while I take it completely apart to thoroughly clean it.

I had an incident once when it wouldn't automatically shut off. The piece inside the tub at the bottom had turned around. Easy fix.

With cheaper bottles, I've found it doesn't always create a seal because the bottleneck tends to be slightly deformed.

With proper cleaning and regular maintenance, this tool will last a home brewer for 5+ years.

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