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Australian Galaxy Pellet Hops 1 oz.


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Often used as a late addition for flavor and aroma. Developed and grown solely in Australia.
Development: Brewing Usage.
Usage: Dual purpose
Aroma: Distinctive citrus and passion fruit character
Alpha Acids: 13.5 — 14.8%
Beta Acids: 5.8 — 6.0%
Co-Humulone: ~35% of alpha acids
Total Oil: 2.4 — 2.7 ml/100g
Substitutions: Citra®
Typical Beer Styles: IPA, Double IPA

Size 1 oz.
Origin Australia
Alpha Acid (Average %) 13.5 — 14.8%
Type Pellet
Typical Usage Multi Purpose
Co-Humulone (%) ~35% of alpha acids
Total Oil (ml/100g hops) 2.4 — 2.7 ml/100g
Substitutions Citra®

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Overall Rating: 4.8

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My current favorite strain Review by BierGut

(Posted on 12/10/13)

Product Rating:

A great addition to any Pale Ale or IPA. With a mellow, sweet, tropical fruit flavor these hops remind me of juicy fruit chewing gum.

Great Aroma! Review by Clementscustoms

(Posted on 11/7/13)

Product Rating:

Added an ounce of Galaxy to a pint of vodka and let it set overnight to extract the oils and flavor. Strain the mixture through a coffee filter and whats left can be added to any beer for a nice hop kick.

Awesome Aromas Review by Doug

(Posted on 10/15/13)

Product Rating:

For the price, they were great. Awesome melon, and ruby-red grapefruit flavor and a little dankness, will definitely use again

Awesome Hops Review by Dan

(Posted on 9/17/13)

Product Rating:

These create some of the cleanest citrusy/tropical flavors and aromas.

Great hops for Ruby Red Grapefruit flavor/aroma Review by Dan

(Posted on 5/17/13)

Product Rating:

I love these hops. Pobably my new favorites. Use late in the boil, 10-5-0 minute additions and you will get a great Ruby Red Grapefruit flavor and aroma. It's very distinctive and delicious. I only use them for flavor/aroma, but the bitterness from these late additions is very pleasant and doesn't have the harshness of grapefruit pith like a lot of the C-hops do sometimes. Give these a try if you can find them.

my new favorite Review by cam

(Posted on 10/30/12)

Product Rating:

If you can get these go ahead and get them if you like citrusy and/or fruity APAs or IPAs. Just kegged some Pale Ale with these and Cascade and it definitely gives off a unique fruity flavor and a wonderful smell from dry hopping. A bit pricey but worth it IMO.

Great in American IPA or Pale Review by Erik

(Posted on 10/5/12)

Product Rating:

I've had a few beers single hopped with Galaxy, wasn't so sure I liked it! However after using this in an all grain American IPA with huge additions to the end of the boil, it may be the new Citra for me.

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Australian Galaxy Pellet Hops 1 oz.

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