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Glass hydrometer test jar- 13"


Product Number: 6396

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This glass hydrometer test jar has a wide plastic base to prevent tipping. The longer tube makes this test jar perfect for any of our hydrometers. A test jar makes taking hydrometer reading easier, and with less waste.

Height 13"
Diameter 1 1/4"

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Overall Rating: 3.7

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Nice Test Jar Review by Rila

(Posted on 1/16/14)

Product Rating:

This is a nice test jar. It is made of thick glass and doesn't seem fragile to me, like some reviewers have said. I am sure it will break if dropped on a hard surface, but if you use reasonable care, this jar should last a long time. Do NOT trust the plastic holder though! If you tip the jar upside down, holding only the base, it is likely to fall out and might break. I put a small circle of Velcro on the bottom of the jar and the base to hold it securely in place. This also lets you align the jar perfectly vertical for easy reading.

Glass is Great Review by Adam

(Posted on 3/5/13)

Product Rating:

Glass is so much better than plastic. You need to be very careful when handling it though.

Great with some modifications! Review by Vern G

(Posted on 1/12/13)

Product Rating:

I have broken 2 of these........... Once being tipped over and once by dropping the Hydrometer and breaking out the bottom.. I superglued the green plastic holder to a plastic CD case which gives it much more stability and I stuffed a piece of Stainless Steel Scrub Sponge down in very bottom of Jar, thus creating nice 2 Inch 'Pillow ' in case you drop the Hydrometer too hard in the Jar.... and so far it has worked very well for me...

I Would like to see a heat-resistant borosilicate glass Jar offered as an upgrade option . This of course would be more expensive but much more durable.

its great Review by Corey

(Posted on 11/4/12)

Product Rating:

I just broke mine ordering a new one maybe two. it works great although it will break but i had mine for over a year i had 3 plastic ones and they were the worst things i ever purchased get the glass maybe order 2 i like to have 2 of every glass thing i buy

Would not recommend Review by Wildcat Winemaker

(Posted on 10/11/12)

Product Rating:

When I went to use it I found that it was cracked.Not sure if I broke it or not.Take care when putting the hydrometer in it. If I purchase another one I think the plastic model that screws off the base would be a better choice.

Great test jar Review by Jonathan

(Posted on 7/10/12)

Product Rating:

IMO be careful with it, but its not that fragile. Works great for what it's intended for. The glass vial fits OK in the stand, I wish it would be a bit tighter, that's my only complaint. It doesn't screw in, just slides. Overall great buy for the price, much better than plastic.

bad construction Review by chris

(Posted on 6/23/12)

Product Rating:

I read the other reviews before I bought it and thought - sure it's glass, of course you have to handle with care! No, there is more to the comments. It broke within a week... I think the green plastic base is too light not wide enough, hence the whole thing is very unstable. Also the glass doesn't have any 'bounce' to it like other lab-ware or wine glasses. It breaks even when tipping on a kitchen towel. Look for an alternative.

Fragile Review by jim

(Posted on 5/26/12)

Product Rating:

My own fault ,I bumped it while putting it down an broke the bottom of the glass. VERY fragile. Handle with care. I'm ordering a plastic one this time.

Works well Review by NEW_AA

(Posted on 3/22/12)

Product Rating:

Works really well for taking AC readings - be careful using this - if you are having a home brew. It is glas and will break if you push it over.

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