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Go-Ferm Rehydration Nutrient

Go-Ferm Rehydration Nutrient is added to yeast hydration water before your yeast. It provides the proper micronutrients to feed your yeast and allow them to create healthy cells. Very effective in high alcohol situations. Recommended dosage is 1.25 grams per 1 gram of yeast, which should then be mixed with 17 mls of water per one gallon of must.

Gravity Level Medium

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Jump start dry yeast Review by Fontack

(Posted on 3/14/14)

Product Rating:

Go-ferm has speed up my fermentations, so that the yeast start going a few hours faster, and are in better health, so that they finish faster. I use it all the time now, as a precaution, along with yeast nutrient.

Helps dry yeast get started Review by William

(Posted on 2/16/14)

Product Rating:

I use dry yeast and always re-hydrate it. I read about GoFerm and have started using it. It helps the yeast get started and the more yeast at the beginning, the better your wine.

Helps out when making high gravity Mead Review by Koosman

(Posted on 2/3/14)

Product Rating:

I've had good success with my mead when rehydrating with Goferm. The yeast get going early and ferment faster, with less off flavors or harsher fusel alcohols.

Great Product... Review by TRBE

(Posted on 1/9/14)

Product Rating:

Product is worth 5+ stars, but please offer larger packages! I'm sure many would buy a 1/2 lb tub to save on repeated shipping costs. As it is, shipping is half the cost of ordering this product. That just isn't a good deal.

Gets my yeast off to a fast start Review by JD

(Posted on 12/27/13)

Product Rating:

1. Always rehydrate your dry yeast, don't ever pour it directly into the wort. That can kill some of them.

2. Go-ferm has improved the speed of my fermentations, getting the process started one to two hours faster, which cuts down on the chance of competing microbes spoiling my beer.

3. For high gravity beers, the yeast are under stress, and need the extra help.

For all dry wine yeast Review by Parker

(Posted on 11/7/13)

Product Rating:

Unlike beer, wine is stressing the yeast because of all the alcohol. I do what I can to help them out. I normally rehydrate with water but I've been adding this since I read about it in a wine making magazine. It's hard to say it works, but I haven't had any stalled fermentations since using it these past few months..

Helps Barley Wine Review by Dan

(Posted on 9/20/13)

Product Rating:

I use GoFerm for high alcohol brews like Barley Wine or a Russian Imperial Stout.
The yeast will be severely stressed and I'll do all I can to help them. Using it not only shortens lag time, it makes the yeast perform better so my Barley wine reaches a low final gravity instead of stalling 6 points higher.

A must for mead Review by ErockRPh

(Posted on 9/4/13)

Product Rating:

Managing a clean fermentation for high-gravity meads and melomels starts with healthy yeast. Go-ferm is a great way to ensure your yeast is healthy and gets off and running right from the start.

Great "starter fliud" Review by Goose

(Posted on 5/16/13)

Product Rating:

I've used this many times to start a wine must fermentation. Started using it for dry yeast starter for beer wort. I have experienced lag times as little as 6 hours.

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Go-Ferm Rehydration Nutrient

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