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Hoff-Stevens Tap for Root Beer



Product Number: 9317T

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This Hoff-Stevens Tap is commonly used with kegs of root beer, but it can be used on Hoff-Stevens style beer kegs as well. Most commonly used with root beer like "1919". This tap comes as pictured with a barb for your 5/16" gas line, but you still need a hex nut and tail piece to hook up your liquid line.

Note: Does not come with a hex nut or tail piece for attaching your liquid tubing.

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GOOD Stuff Review by Molder

(Posted on 10/23/12)

Product Rating:

Shortly ago I was offered three STROH's pony kegs that had been in a guys barn for at least thirty years . The price ? TEN dollars each !!!
I jumped right on 'em . The catch was that were Hoff-Stevens kegs , and I'd never seen one before . I went to MIDWEST , and sure enough , they had the two H-S couplers that I needed . A little pricey , but they had 'em , which is what counts . They are both in perfect condition , and now I can get away from the GOLDEN GATE kegs.
Thank you MIDWEST , for being there when I needed you .

Dan Brown
USN (Ret)

Oh yes - I bought the THIRD H-S coupler on eBAY for $5.30 plus shipping ..

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Hoff-Stevens Tap for Root Beer