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Dark Ale Kits

These beer recipe kits are as dark as they come. Ever had an Imperial stout brewed at midnight in the light of a full moon? Traditionally brewed when the night is darkest (which is not just before dawn), seasoned with will-o'-the-wisps and hopped with dark fairies. Where else can you find a beer making kit that sources ingredients from the local witch's wood? You can taste that dark magic, and it tastes good. Roasted barley and chocolate malt are staples of these beers, giving the dark color and deep roasted, smokey tastes that are so loved by the nocturnal zymurgists and nightly beer makers. Pour that obsidian gold and see your future through a beer glass, darkly. Choose a dark ale beer recipe kit and be amazed, join the legions of beer drinkers that recognize dark ale is what beer was meant to be.

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