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10 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank


Product Number: MT02

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Pair this Hot Liquor Tank (10 gallon capacity) with the Single Infusion Mash Tun, and you have an excellent all-grain starter system. This insulated cooler holds temperature very well, and is used to hold the sparge water. Comes with the BrewLogic Cooler Conversion + valve assembly for easy connection to your sparge arm (sold separately).

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Overall Rating: 5.0

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Holds all the water you need without losing heat Review by Bolars

(Posted on 1/28/14)

Product Rating:

This holds plenty of water, enough for any 5 gallon batch, and most 10 gallon batches. Very little temperature loss.

Best HLT out there Review by Sample

(Posted on 12/13/13)

Product Rating:

I have a 10 gallon system and fly sparge. This tank holds the water temperature to within 2 degrees over an hour, and holds a lot of water.

Holds plenty of water Review by Hank

(Posted on 10/18/13)

Product Rating:

The tank holds plenty of water at the right temperature. It may lose a couple of degrees in an hour.

Doesn't lose heat Review by Nadim

(Posted on 9/3/13)

Product Rating:

Its very good at retaining heat and it holds all the water I need. Fill it up and measure the temperature. An hour later it will have lost maybe 2 degrees.

Holds plenty of water Review by Andrew

(Posted on 8/14/13)

Product Rating:

It holds a lot of water and it doesn't lose much heat during my brew day. I shopped around and this was the best deal I found.

Hold the water temperature Review by Ortona

(Posted on 7/11/13)

Product Rating:

This usually holds the water to within a couple of degrees of what it was when added for the duration of the mash. It holds plenty of water to handle any kind of sparge or step infusion mash.

Does a good job of holding the temperature Review by Orson

(Posted on 5/18/13)

Product Rating:

What more can you ask of a hot liquor tank? It holds a lot of water and it holds its temperature. A good purchase.

Holds the temperature Review by David

(Posted on 4/3/13)

Product Rating:

It does a good job of holding the water temperature. Good price too. I may lose a couple of degrees in an hour. What I do is fill it, let it heat up, then drain the water and refill it, so I know I'll get my water at a good temperature.

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