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Irish Red Ale Extract Beer Kit

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Red ales are one of the most popular styles of beer among homebrewers, and our Irish Red Ale sings their praises. Customers love its rich, deep amber-red color (thanks to a little roasted barley) and balanced smooth taste. Originating in Ireland as the name says, this brew is malty and medium-bodied with a caramel-malty sweetness that has little to no hop aroma or flavor. This creates an Irish ale that is a smooth, easily enjoyed crowd-pleaser. You'll want to bust it out for parties and brew it over and over again!

Deep amber-red color
Balanced with selected flavoring and aromatic hops

    Ingredients include:
  • 6 lb. Gold liquid malt extract
  • 12 oz. Caramel 40L
  • 2 oz. Special B
  • 2 oz. Roasted Barley specialty grains
  • 1 oz. Cascade
  • 1 oz. Fuggle pellet hops
  • Yeast
  • Priming sugar
  • Grain bag

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts, but it is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.

Origin of Style UK
Color Amber
Gravity Level Medium
Hop Rating (1-5) 2
Yeast Instructions

Customer Reviews

339 People have reviewed this product

Overall Rating: 4.8

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Great Beer Review by 2EBrew

(Posted on 9/7/15)

Product Rating:

I make 5 different beers with this kit. If you add 2lbs of honey (1lb with the LME, at the 30 minute mark of the boil add 8 more ounces and with 15 minutes left add the last 8 ounces). This makes the beer very rich and creamy. One version I add a 3 ounce bottle of pure Almond extract during the last 2 days of second stage fermenting. Let it bottle condition at least 2 months. It's really good after 2 weeks but if you can let it ride the full two months - wow! Another version that is excellent an Irish Amarillo Red dbl IPA. Add 1oz at the start of the boil, 2oz's at the 30 minute mark, 2 oz's at the 15 minute mark with your Irish moss and dry hop with 2 oz of Amarillo. This is really tasty and has a great snap to it.

Yes! Review by NoobBrew

(Posted on 7/14/15)

Product Rating:

Tremendous "middle" beer. Good session ale. Tasty enough to enjoy with a meal. Not too heavy but filling. Lots of good flavors. Good "warm" (room temp) or ice cold. Will brew again.

Great Kit- Try the headwater's Yeast Review by skiatd1

(Posted on 4/15/15)

Product Rating:

This is a great beer. I have brewed a red ale by another kit company in the past and was left very underwhelmed. Even when I buy Red Ales when I am out I am sometimes left wanted more of something either malt or hops but something. They can have a tendency to have a neutral mild taste. This time I brewed with the headwater's yeast that I have also used for the autumn ale and I think the yeast really gives it a little something extra. It adds to the complexity and makes it delicious. I will order this kit again and I will definitely use the headwater yeast.

It's Amazing Review by Batastrophe

(Posted on 11/22/14)

Product Rating:

Like all the other reviews stated, this is a great kit and it turned out amazing. I like the darker color, good body and head. I'd equate it to something between a Newcastle Werewolf and Killians - taste is spectacular. No need to ever buy from store again with this one. 10 days primary, 2 weeks secondary and bottle conditioned for 4 weeks where it seemed to truly come together. Brewed this for Thanksgiving and not expecting any leftovers. Will definitely brew many times again.

Awesome 1st Beer Review by HDW

(Posted on 9/15/14)

Product Rating:

This was my first ever home brew attempt. It came out much better than I expected. Very tasty!
My only problem now is keeping my friends out of it! All of a sudden everyone I know has found a reason to stop by the house! One has already ordered all the equipment he needs and a Extract kit to start making his own. Two others will be ordering equipment and ingredient kits in the next week or two.
Good Stuff! Should have done this years ago!

Great Beer Review by Paul

(Posted on 8/23/14)

Product Rating:

Great color and body. I am a big fan of Irish reds so I was very excited to brew this one. It's a bit more bitter than I thought, but that is probably due to better hop utilization since I did a full 5 gal boil.

AWESOME BREW!!! Review by Leeman

(Posted on 8/16/14)

Product Rating:

This was my second brew, it was amazing. Lasted all of a month, good thing I bought the special with the Ryerish red. Working on that one next. Doing the Maverick amber right now, just went into secondary and I'm loving the mid way flavor and bitterness, can't wait until it's done. Anyway back to the Irish Red, It's fantastic, Big hit with the neighbors, I will surely order it again!!

Good Review by Matt

(Posted on 8/10/14)

Product Rating:

I enjoyed this one!

Good Beer Review by Jefftos

(Posted on 7/15/14)

Product Rating:

So this was my first batch of brew. I was pretty nervous about this brew. I know that I made a few blunders during the process. I killed my yeast by boiling water and adding the yeast to the water just after it had boiled, so I had to re-pitch it a day later when I realized my mistake. I made a few other blunders that I wont mention here but even with those mistakes this beer is turning out good. I fermented it for 3 weeks in primary and so far it is at the 3 week mark bottle conditioning. I tried one at one and two weeks and they both just tasted like wort, partially carbed wort, but not like beer. Today I opened one and I could taste it all coming together, I was actually able to finish this one. I think I will end up letting this sit for another week or two to see if it improves more, other reviewers seem to suggest letting this one sit for a while and I think I am going to have to agree. Very good beer overall, like a Killians with less carbonation and more flavor.

Great Review by ATC

(Posted on 6/8/14)

Product Rating:

This is good beer, my second batch of beer first of the red and this turned out excellent. I was proud of myself when I first broke open this batch!!

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Irish Red Ale Extract Beer Kit

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