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Lalvin 71B-1122 Narbonne


Product Number: Y101

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71B-1122 is a low foaming strain that is a very rapid starter that will produce smoother, more aromatic wines that will mature quickly, as it limits phenol extraction and neutralizes malic acid up to about 40%. Well suited for whites, concentrates and nouveaus.

Ideal Temperature Range (°F) 59-86°F
Attenuation (%) NA
Flocculation Medium
Alcohol Tolerance (%) 14%
Rate of Fermentation Moderate
Foam Production Low
Nutrient Requirements Normal
H2S Production Very Low
SO2 Production Very Low
Profile Wine

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Overall Rating: 4.9

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Very good yeast Review by Steve

(Posted on 5/26/14)

Product Rating:

This yeast is excellent for mead. No unsettling smells and ferments fast. Start it right and feed it some nutrients - you will have a bubbling airlock in no time. Beyond the above - it does not give your beverage an odd flavor, and it settles out on it's own. Recommend this to wine and mead makers.

Ferments quickly Review by Millburn

(Posted on 3/24/14)

Product Rating:

This yeast has a clean less fruity taste and settles out when done. Using yeast nutrients and adding Nirtrogen in the form of DAP I am usually done in a month, which is very fast for Mead. The lees have settled and I can age in a carboy fro 6 months and bottle it.

Good choice for Mead making Review by Jason

(Posted on 1/7/14)

Product Rating:

Rehydrate with GoFerm, and I used some DAP along with the honey and the fermentation was faster than I expected. A month later I racked and aged it for 4 months before bottling. I gave it another 3 months and tasted the mead and it was quite nice.

Good for Dry Meads Review by Huber

(Posted on 11/7/13)

Product Rating:

The yeast did quick work of the honey. I racked after a month, then after another month, and aged for a year. The Mead was clear and clean though a little on the dry side. It's inexpensive too.

Good Yeast Review by Andy

(Posted on 9/5/13)

Product Rating:

I've used this on a Peach Melomel and a batch of Mead and both batches turned out great. Leaves a nice floral / fruity aroma with a slight residual sweetness.

Good yeast for Mead makers Review by Jon

(Posted on 7/11/13)

Product Rating:

I spoke with the owner of Midnight Meadery and he said to use this yeast and keep the fermentation temperature from getting too high. I made a dry mead using this yeast and it came out pretty good.

Great yeast for all types of wine Review by Austin

(Posted on 4/22/13)

Product Rating:

I've used this yeast for both red and white concentrates and I've had no problems at all. I highly recommend this yeast for any beginner wine maker.

Good Mead Yeast Review by Andy

(Posted on 4/16/13)

Product Rating:

Good yeast for Meads, Pyments, and Melomels

Great for Beginners Review by Adam

(Posted on 3/15/13)

Product Rating:

I used this strain for my first batch of wine. It turned out great! I kept the wine cooler (below 67 F) and didn't have any problems.

Worked well Review by Revis

(Posted on 1/10/13)

Product Rating:

I used this yeast for a Blush, and I liked the taste. I made sure to follow directions and rehydrate first, so the yeast don't die. I made sure the temperature was at the mid way point of the recommended range, so as to avoid off flavors.

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Lalvin 71B-1122 Narbonne