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Lalvin RC-212 Bourgovin

Lalvin RC-212 Bourgovin

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The RC-212 strain comes from the Burgundy region of France, and is a moderately quick, low foaming yeast. It achieves full flavor extraction in red wines. This yeast strain stabilizes color and tannin throughout fermentation and aging. An emphasis on ripe berry, peppery/spicy and fruit aromas is noted. This is the best strain to use in Pinot Noir or other full bodied red wines.
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Additional Information

Ideal Temperature Range (°F) 68-86°F
Attenuation (%) NA
Flocculation Low
Alcohol Tolerance (%) 16%
Rate of Fermentation Moderate
Foam Production Low
Nutrient Requirements High
H2S Production Low
SO2 Production Low
Profile Wine

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