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Liberty Cream Ale Extract Beer Kit

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Popular with our customers, Liberty Cream Ale is perfect for those who enjoy a flavorful, yet lighter-bodied beer. Refreshing and easy to brew, this beer originated from the American light lager style and boasts a creamy head and smooth taste with a pale gold color. A definite one for the beer-loving masses, many of our small craft brewers brew this Plain American-styled beer every second or third time they brew.

Flavorful with a light body

    Ingredients include:
  • 6 lb. Gold liquid malt extract
  • 8 oz. Carapils® specialty grains
  • 2 oz. of Cascade pellet hops
  • Yeast
  • Priming sugar
  • Grain bag

Origin of Style USA
Color Light
Gravity Level Low
Hop Rating (1-5) 1
Yeast Instructions

Customer Reviews

239 People have reviewed this product

Overall Rating: 4.6

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First 5 gallon brew Review by drankin

(Posted on 6/30/14)

Product Rating:

This was my first brew in a 5 gallon batch and my first time kegging. This is a great beer. I have really enjoyed this kit. I will be purchasing again.

Vanilla Creme Ale Review by Eddo

(Posted on 6/28/14)

Product Rating:

Great base beer if your just starting out. I wanted to make something light with vanilla (3 oz) and some lactose( for sweetness). I really enjoyed it, but think I should have added a bit more vanilla.

First brew Review by Woodtick

(Posted on 6/5/14)

Product Rating:

I brewed this as my first ever time brewing. It turned out awesome! I shared it with a couple friends that have been brewing for years and they were very impressed. They couldn't believe it was my first ever brew. instructions are great, the guys at midwest were awesome! The worst part of this beer is keeping my girlfriend from drinking it all. I will be brewing this one again!

Product Review Review by janders

(Posted on 5/4/14)

Product Rating:

I made this particular kit twice so far. I brought one of my bottles from the second brewing into the store for a taste and feedback. I find the people at Midwest are good a giving feedback and suggesting improvements. I was informed the all grain version uses Flaked Corn. This adds the corn/creamy flavor. I understand the kit does not come with Flaked Corn and I was informed I should use about one lb to 2 lb of Flaked corn at the steeping stage to add flavor/creaminess and it would also up the abv. I agree this is a good tasting beer for the price and my friends really enjoy this particular beer. I am also taking the suggestion of staff and working with the Flaked Corn in my next go around.

Fit for Quaffing Review by jrod

(Posted on 4/28/14)

Product Rating:

This is an easy brew and an even easier drinking beer. I pushed the ibu's up to 30 or so by manipulating my preboil water volume and I really enjoy the smooth bitterness. i used us-05. I highly recommend it, brew it now.

Deceptively strong Review by damoncjones

(Posted on 3/27/14)

Product Rating:

My wife asked me to brew her a crisp, summertime beer she could enjoy after a day in the yard, and the description for this one fit, so I gave it a shot. I don't know how your results will be, but at full recommended maturation, (two weeks bottled) this beer has hit a %7 ABV for us, and is really more of an amber ale color type than the light we were expecting. Keep mind though, this is not a complaint on the brew itself. It's a great all around beer, and she enjoys it, which of course is what I was going for, and I highly recommend it. Easy enough recipe, but there is one concern I had on Brewing Night, and that is: the directions were not entirely clear about the hops. It has the same hops, added TWICE, once for aroma, and once for bittering. I called Midwest in a panic, and unfortunately got the answering machine. The beer came out well despite my concerns, just know that if you get this, the hops are the same for bittering and aroma, unlike a lot of the other recipes. You're not insane.

Value beer Review by Koosman

(Posted on 3/23/14)

Product Rating:

One of the least expensive kits I've brewed and the beer is about average. It's not too heavy and is good after work with friends.

Liberty Cream Ale Review by Arturo59

(Posted on 3/6/14)

Product Rating:

I bought this kit strictly on cost. I am more than pleasantly surprised by it's color and flavor. Very nice brew. Goes down nicely with a slight bitter aftertaste. I know I will bre this one again.

First time Review by Spy V

(Posted on 2/17/14)

Product Rating:

This is the first beer I made it was easy to do . The directions are easy to follow and is also easy to drink with a great flavor people who tried it also liked it

A house favorite Review by Sample

(Posted on 1/24/14)

Product Rating:

Really good, this kit turned out to be one of our favorite brews, and we keep it in the permanent rotation. Even people who are not big beer drinkers will have this one.

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