Rahr White Wheat - Maillard Malts®


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We bring you this domestic wheat malt from Rahr Maltings, in Shakopee MN. It’s a great base malt for any style wheat beer. It has a doughy, malty, bready flavor and aroma, with white wheat having a slightly milder wheat flavor than red wheat. High protein levels in wheat lend a fullness of body and excellent head retention, but can lead to difficulty sparging. Use small amounts to enhance foam, or use up to 50% of the grist. We recommend incorporating rice hulls to prevent a stuck sparge when using greater than 25%. 3°L

Package Size No
Typical Style; No
Malt Type Domestic Base Malt
Lovibond 3-3.5
Extract % 85
Moisture % 4.2
Total Protein % 12
Soluble Protein % 0
S/T 0
Diastatic Power 0
Alpha Amylase 0
Usage % 50

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Rahr White Wheat - Maillard Malts®