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Schill Dark Munich Malt - Maillard Malts®


Product Number: U17199

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For dark beers, festival beers, strong beers, malt beers and stouts, or for reinforcing the malty, aromatic character of medium-colored beers (example: Alt-old style German top fermented beer).

Package Size No
Typical Style; No
Malt Type International Base Malt
Lovibond 8.0-10.0
Extract % 80-83
Moisture % 3.4-4.5
Total Protein % 10.5-12
Soluble Protein % 10.5
S/T 38-45
Diastatic Power >150 WK
Alpha Amylase 0
Usage % 100

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Schill Dark Munich Malt - Maillard Malts®