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Weyermann® Caramunich® I Malted Grain - Maillard Malts®


Product Number: U16962

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Munich malt that has undergone the caramelization process. A maltier crystal malt with increased fullness, heightened malt aroma, full/round flavor, and deep/saturated color. Use 5-10% in dark beers, or 1-5% in light/pale beers.

Package Size No
Typical Style; No
Malt Type Caramel / Crystal / Cara Malt
Lovibond 38-40
Extract % 74-78
Moisture % 5.5-6.5
Total Protein % 0
Soluble Protein % 0
S/T 0
Diastatic Power 0
Alpha Amylase 0
Usage % 10

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Supplement other caramel malts Review by Orson

(Posted on 2/25/14)

Product Rating:

I like the foam stability and aroma it adds, as well the fuller flavor and deeper color. In my amber and belgian ales I use 6 ounces give or take a couple, usually with some Caravienna.

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Weyermann® Caramunich® I Malted Grain - Maillard Malts®