Master Brewer's Equipment Kit with Kegging Setup

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The ultimate equipment kit - it doesn't get any better than this.

And so the student becomes the master. If you've already caught the brewing bug, or are the type to jump in feet first, look no further- the Master Brewer's Kit is the most complete homebrew equipment kit out there. It has everything (and then some) you need to master the homebrewing arts.

With heating and cooling control for perfect fermentation temperatures, extra carboys for secondary fermentation, faster turnover time with a full-blown Draft Brewer™ kegging system, plus all the bells and whistles for testing, experimenting and mastering your methods, there's nothing you can't brew. Expand your repertoire and impress your friends, family and homebrewing peers as you blast full speed ahead into the unlimited styles and techniques of the brewing universe. And when you’ve perfected your brew day and fermentation, blow expectations out of the brewcave as you debut your recipes on tap in your very own Draft Brewer™ taproom.

The Master Brewer’s Equipment kit has everything you need to prepare for and embark onyour quest to become a brewmaster, ensuring the right tools are at-the-ready when you need them.

The Master Brewer’s Kit includes:

  • Draft Brewer™ Reconditioned Pin Lock Kegging System: Draft Brewer™ 5 gallon reconditioned pin lock keg, Dual-Gauge CO2 Regulator, 3/16” Draft Brewer™ pin lock beer line assembly, 5/16” Draft Brewer™ pin lock gas line assembly

  • Aluminum 5 lb CO2 tank (ships empty)

  • ThermoStar™ Digital Temperature Controller

  • Two 5 Gallon Glass Carboys

  • Two Universal Carboy Bungs

  • 6.5 Gallon Fermentor & Lid

  • Three Adhesive Liquid-Crystal Thermometers

  • Three Airlocks

  • 8 oz. One Step Cleaner

  • Hydrometer & Test Jar

  • Thief

  • 8” Funnel with Strainer

  • How To Brew Book, by John Palmer

  • Instructional Step-by-Step DVD

  • 5/16” Auto-Siphon

  • 5/16” Siphon Tubing

  • Carboy Brush

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Master Brewer's Equipment Kit with Kegging Setup

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