Master Yeast Culturing Kit

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Ready to develop your own yeast bank? Collect, store, and grow yeast cultures at home. Begin saving limited release yeast cultures from brewer's yeast suppliers or collect strains from unfiltered, unpasteurized commercial beers!

This kit includes more equipment than the Apprentice kit but still won't break the bank. It includes:
Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation book
50 ml flask
#2 solid stopper
Alcohol lamp
Ni-chrome innoculation needle
1 ml pipette
5 ml pipette
20 ml pipette
8 slant tubes
Slant tube rack (holds 40 slant tubes)
3 lb. dry malt extract
20 compact disposable petri dishes (may not be used in a pressure cooker)
2 oz. beer agar
Wax pencil

Recommended additional items: Liquid yeast culture, agar for creating slant tubes (check your local asian or specialty food markets), yeast starter kit, pressure cooker for sterilizing equipment.

Not required, but recommended additional equipment: Magnetic Stir Plate, Micro Torch.

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