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Midwest Supplies Chalkboard Beer Styles T-Shirt

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Midwest Supplies Chalkboard Beer Styles T-Shirt

SKU: UM698

This comfortable cotton T shirt says it all. Adorned with what appears to be chalk, it lists beers styles from around the world with a fun stylistic flair. This shirt is cool, casual, and comfortable, everything your favorite T should be.


Chalkboards are fun. You can write on them, then erase it, then write some more. You can draw a dragon, or a mammoth, or a dragon fighting a mammoth, then erase it and draw some more. If you like beer, you could draw a cool lookin’ beer bottle design, then list a bunch of beer styles from around the world. Well, this shirt is like that last part, except that you can’t erase it, because it’s a shirt.

And remember the worst thing about chalkboards? The sound of fingernails on them. Well, since these shirts are made of 100% cotton and not slate, you don’t have to worry about that. Just one more way Midwest is looking out for you. In addition to the super sweet chalkboard of beer, this swarthy smock is cool, casual, comfortable, and made of cotton instead of slate, the way a good T shirt should be.
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