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Nut Brown Ale 20 Minute Boil Kit


Product Number: 635

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This kit is the perfect for a first time brewer. Brown ales are noted for their consistent results. A nice blend of mild sweetness and delicate hop aftertaste. Our ingredients for this recipe include a 4 lb. Muntons Connoisseur Nut Brown Ale hopped can kit, 2 lb. of Light Dried Malt Extract, 1 oz. Willamette aroma pellet hops, priming sugar and yeast.

Yeast Type Dry
Origin of Style UK
Color Dark
Gravity Level Medium
Hop Rating (1-5) 1
Yeast Instructions

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Overall Rating: 4.7

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Quick making kit Review by Sample

(Posted on 1/14/14)

Product Rating:

After being away from brewing for a while I found this kit. Talk about whipping up a kit, this beer takes very little time to make. I start the boil, split on 2 burners. Then 20 minutes, and let the pot cool in the tub, while I re-hydrate the yeast. The entire process takes not much more than an hour. And the beer is very good, comparable to what I remember extract kits to be like.

Great Base For Holiday Beer Review by Conan

(Posted on 12/4/13)

Product Rating:

Everyone knows how simple these 20 minute kits are and what great results you get simply following the directions.

This was my second brew and I decided to use it as a base for a holiday ale. I added one heaping teaspoon each of all spice, ground cloves, ginger, and nutmeg. My starting gravity was a bit off so I added 1/2 lb of brown sugar as I didn’t have any extra DME laying around.

I fermented for 10 days, kegged, and force carbed. The result is excellent. My wife refers to it as liquid gingerbread and it’s only improved with time. Everyone who has tried it loves it. Even my mother in law who doesn’t particularly care for beer enjoyed it.

I plan to do another one for a Christmas party we have coming up in a few weeks. Having the ability to keg means you can force carb and that means any of the 20 boil kits can be enjoyed in a couple of weeks.

Super easy, super delicious Review by Sara

(Posted on 12/3/13)

Product Rating:

My husband and I were looking for a dark beer kit that would be good for getting us back in the swing of homebrewing after a fairly long hiatus. We had no problems following the instructions, and the result was a smooth, rich, creamy beer that our whole family enjoyed at Thanksgiving!

Love these 20 minute kits Review by Dan

(Posted on 11/21/13)

Product Rating:

They are so fast to make and produce good beer. I like the smooth malty nutty taste, not too hoppy, and just right. It's not like this is an inferior beer, it's pretty good, at a fraction of the time and effort. For those short of space, that want to brew, these kits are perfect.

Easy to make and tastes good Review by Andrew

(Posted on 9/14/13)

Product Rating:

Its a deceptively good kit. I expected a beginner kit to not be so good but I was wrong, even experience home brewers will enjoy it.

Smooth tasty beer Review by Nadim

(Posted on 7/25/13)

Product Rating:

This was a successful brew, we all liked it. It was gone in 2 weeks unfortunately.
I'm about to reorder it. It's perfect for new brewers because of how easy it is to make. If you are moving up from a Mr. Beer kit, try this one.

nut brown Review by mary

(Posted on 7/6/13)

Product Rating:

I really liked this kit. Super easy, and the beer had a slight nutty flavor to it.

nut brown Review by monkey

(Posted on 6/5/13)

Product Rating:

This is actually a very good tasting beer considering the simplicity of the kit. It has a smooth flavor with a touch of nut taste. Not too bitter either.

Way better than I expected Review by Dave

(Posted on 6/1/13)

Product Rating:

This is an entry level kit and I assumed it wouldn't taste that good, but I was wrong. It tastes ok. It made a good smooth drinkable beer. And it was easy to make. We left it in the bucket for a month and gave it a month to condition, and it was ready.

20 minute nut brown ale Review by George

(Posted on 4/7/13)

Product Rating:

I really like the hopped Muton's extract that comes with this. The kit also cane with dry yeast and 2 lbs. of light DME. and priming sugar. I added victory grains, chocolate malt to steep with. I also added 1 lb. of dark brown sugar during the boil. All the ingredients are high quality. Some of the complete kits do not match the flavor of this but then again the kits are cheaper to buy.

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