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Nylon Straining Bag- 18 3/4" x 19"- Fine Mesh


Product Number: 7319

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Nylon Straining Bag- 18 3/4" x 19"- Fine Mesh: A larger bag for larger applications. Works well with fruit and other wine and beer ingredients. The fine mesh helps prevent most of the sediment from ending up in your beer or wine.

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Overall Rating: 4.6

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Great for grains and hops Review by Cam

(Posted on 3/20/14)

Product Rating:

I use one of these to steep all my specialty malts in. I then empty the malts, quick rinse, then I add my hops into the bag in my kettle, keep 90% of the hops in the bag.

Mesh Bag Review by firebrewer

(Posted on 11/20/13)

Product Rating:

So far this bag is working fine. It didn't fall apart like some of the other people said. I used it on one batch for steeping grain for a porter and the stains won't come out, but I'm not too worried about that affecting the next couple of uses.

Great Bag! Review by eray

(Posted on 5/16/13)

Product Rating:

This is a great bag! That said $7 for a mesh bag bothers me as far as price goes. It probably shouldn't though -- this bag is $9 at my LHBS. Recommended, it works great.

Great for BIAB! Review by TeamJenkins

(Posted on 4/5/13)

Product Rating:

For doing BIAB get the fine mesh. Have used these twice and so far have been everything I've hoped for in a grain bag. This size holds about 10-12 lbs max to allow for absoption/expansion of grains.

Nice Strainer Review by Daniel

(Posted on 3/11/13)

Product Rating:

I use this bag to strain my wort when transferring from the boil kettle to my fermentation bucket and again when siphoning from my fermentation bucket into my bottling bucket. Works great for getting small particles out that may slip through more course boiling bags. It will fit completely around the rim of your average brew bucket so you don't have to hold it, but it doesn't fit perfectly to all of the edges down inside the bucket-- which is fine.

Great for steeping grains Review by Kevin

(Posted on 2/4/13)

Product Rating:

Was able to use this to steep about a pound of specialty grains giving them plenty of room to move around for max extraction. Since the bag doesn't have a drawstring I used a silicone band like a rubber band to close it and hung it off my brewing spoon suspended over the brew pot.

Great for fruit wine! Review by DC

(Posted on 12/31/12)

Product Rating:

Fits around my bucket, but does not go all the way to the bottom. Otherwise works great. I ferment my fruit in the open bag in my primary fermenter, then pull the whole bag out at once. Strain/squeeze as desired and then turn the bag inside out to empty the fruit residue. Works great!

Great BIAB Review by Matthew

(Posted on 12/11/12)

Product Rating:

I have been doing more BIAB lately and this is a great bag for full sized batches. Strong and durable, big enough for all the grain for a normal gravity beer.

Good bag Review by Schmutzli

(Posted on 3/26/12)

Product Rating:

I use this as a strainer when I bucket, in case I spill a little trub during the siphon. Fine enough to keep husks and even small sand-size particles from the bottle. Fits well over a 6gal pail.

Nice bag Review by Diane

(Posted on 2/29/12)

Product Rating:

Nice bag for fruit if you're making 3 gallons of wine or more.

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