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Prime Dose Carbonation Capsules


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Prime Dose is the prescription for perfect carbonation through simple delivery and consistent results. Trade a harsh dose of flat reality for a simple pill with the unmatched ability to produce perfectly carbonated bottle-conditioned homebrew.

Prime Dose is effective in the treatment of many bottle-conditioning ailments ranging from inviable yeast, big beers with ABV too high for the original yeast to ferment any further, or poorly mixed priming solution. Given as a measured dosage of two capsules without any further treatment, Prime Dose goes straight into the bottle and gives consistent and repeatable levels of CO2 every time.

Recommended Dosage:

12 oz. bottles:
2 capsules; use 3 in styles requiring high carbonation.

22 oz. bottles:
4 capsules; use 6 in styles requiring higher carbonation.

Patent Pending.

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Saved a very flat batch of brew! Review by Gio

(Posted on 3/12/14)

Product Rating:

I brewed 5 gallons of a Hefeweizen that even after three months bottled, just wouldn't carbonate. these capsules did a phenomenal job of perfectly carbing the whole batch! Excellent product!

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