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Safbrew S-33 Dry Yeast - 11.5 grams


Product Number: Y013

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Yeast: Safbrew S-33 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
A very popular general purpose yeast, displaying both very robust conservation properties and consistent performance. This yeast produces superb flavor profiles and is used for the production of a varied range of top fermented special beers (Belgian type wheat beers, Trappist, etc.). Sedimentation: medium. Final gravity: high.
Also recommended for bottle-conditioning of beers. Excellent performance in beers with alcohol contents of up to 7.5% a/v, but can ferment up to 11.5% a/v.

Flocculation No
Rate of Fermentation No
Foam Production No
Nutrient Requirements No
H2S Production No
SO2 Production No
Profile No

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Overall Rating: 4.6

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Bottling yeast Review by Bolars

(Posted on 1/10/14)

Product Rating:

Great price for bottling yeast. Its perfect for beers that need to be aged, like Barley wine, and their yeast is depleted. I add this to the bottling bucket knowing the bottles will carbonate in the near future.

Cheap and easy Review by Sanjay

(Posted on 10/16/13)

Product Rating:

No off flavors and it makes good beer. It's fast acting and is done in a few days. It takes a long time to clear so I use Isinglass to help it clear. It's one third the price of liquid yeast, and I don't have to mess around with making a starter.

Bad attenuation Review by Genaro

(Posted on 9/23/13)

Product Rating:

Unfortunately I gave all I had to give this yeast a good start. Starter, proper aeration, time to ferment, etc. It finished fermenting after a week, but the attenuation was less than 50%.

OG = 1.045, FG = 1.020, ABV = 3.2%.

Skip this one and go with Gold's Munton.

Life Saver! Review by Graham

(Posted on 8/28/13)

Product Rating:

I pitched a Wyeast activator and had zero fermentation after 3 days. I pitched an S-33, and within hours I had CO2 and krausen forming. It definitely saved my batch. I'll be keeping one or two dry yeasts on hand from now on, just as a safety measure. Well worth the small price tag!

good cheap yeast Review by Anthony

(Posted on 8/21/13)

Product Rating:

I like to have a couple of packs to keep around for an emergency. Maybe I have a beer that stalls, and I have no alternative. Just rehydrate this and add it and I can get an extra .005 lower gravity which is better than nothing. It doesn't clear well so you have to secondary and then use gelatin.

Great value, maybe misnamed Review by krh7

(Posted on 7/23/13)

Product Rating:

I agree with others who question why this is called a Belgium yeast. Nevertheless, it's a great price for a yeast that goes into my Pumpkin Ales and Holiday Porters. Slight yeasty finish - I find it best used with fuller bodied beers.

Nice price Review by Red

(Posted on 4/10/13)

Product Rating:

It starts off like a race car and finishes quickly, a powerful yeast. It doesn't settle well, so you need to fine it in the secondary. It doesn't produce any fruity esters for me, at the low end of its temperature, so its a good all around yeast, especially for cider.

yeast Review by Jeffrey

(Posted on 3/21/13)

Product Rating:

This yeast is fermenting wonderfully I am still in the primary fermentation and my abv is at 7%. WOW

Good general purpose yeast Review by Chris

(Posted on 3/18/13)

Product Rating:

For the economically-minded brewer, this is a good yeast. Price is right and it has a consistent performance. Since it can tolerate higher alcohol, it's good for IPA and even barley wine. I wouldn't be afraid to try this in anything from a wheat to an IPA.

Solid. Review by Benjamin

(Posted on 3/12/13)

Product Rating:

I concur with previous reviews; this is absolutely not a belgian strain. There is no belgian flavor to it at all. However, it is a delicious yeast. This is the Edme, Ltd., strain, and all english in the flavor and provenance. Great yeast, solid performer.

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