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Soda Making Equipment Kit


Product Number: 5031

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The Soda Making Equipment Kit includes everything you need to make and bottle your own homemade sodas. Midwest suggests using empty two liter soda bottles, or our 500ml P.E.T. bottles, as glass bottles run the risk of exploding under pressure.

Soda Making Equipment Kit Includes:
  • A 6.5 gallon bottling bucket
  • A 24" stirring spoon
  • 4 feet of tubing
  • A bottle filler
  • And complete instructions

You would also need a soda extract (not Sprecher's, a keg system is needed for those), honey and/or granulated sugar, champagne yeast, sanitizer, and empty two liter soda bottles, or our 500ml P.E.T. bottles, and caps.

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Soda making made easy Review by Bolars

(Posted on 3/19/14)

Product Rating:

All you need is included. I've made two sodas and it's much easier than brewing. You can reuse any soda bottle butt use Polyseal caps not the ones on the bottle.

Family oriented Review by Koosman

(Posted on 2/24/14)

Product Rating:

Good way to spend time with the kids, making soda together. The kit has all you need and the kids get to do each of the steps. Great idea for a gift.

Start making soda at home Review by Hank

(Posted on 1/25/14)

Product Rating:

This equipment and a soda kit is all you need to make some good soda. It pays for itself in a few batches and you can make some exotic tasting soda that you'd never get in a store. For kits it exposes them to brewing techniques and cooking, which is a good thing.

Good for children Review by Huber

(Posted on 1/12/14)

Product Rating:

I got my niece this kit so she could make her own soda. I made soda that she liked and now she can make her own. She liked it very much, and it has all that's needed.

Complete set, other than bottles Review by Bolars

(Posted on 12/20/13)

Product Rating:

Its got the basics, just get some plastic bottles and poly seal and a soda kit and you're golden. I just got a kit for my 10 year old.

Cheap way to start into soda making Review by Redmond

(Posted on 11/15/13)

Product Rating:

I am a brewer and got this for my kids. Its a good kit and theres nothing to go wrong. Its not expensive considering what you get.

An inexpensive way to get started making terrific soda Review by Sanjay

(Posted on 10/13/13)

Product Rating:

This kit, plus a book on making soda is all you need to make terrific soda. Not the stuff from Walmart, but good tasting soda. The kit is good, just get some plastic bottles and cap and you are ready to go.

Everything you need Review by Dan

(Posted on 9/18/13)

Product Rating:

This kit has everything equipment-wise that you will need to make some great soda. You should get some PET bottles to go with it, as glass bottles can explode due to the fermentation taking place in the bottles while carbonating.

An inexpensive way to get into soda making Review by William

(Posted on 8/15/13)

Product Rating:

Its a pretty good deal and has all you need. Its very easy to make soda though I suggest you get a recipe book so you can make really good ones. You just need some plastic bottles and caps and a recipe book and you are there.

Soda Making Equipment Review by immpjrm

(Posted on 7/20/13)

Product Rating:

I've been wanting to make root beer for some time now and this equipment will definitely come in handy when I make it. Like the idea of a spigot on the bottom of the pail and the nice long handled spoon to help with stirring.

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