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Tall Boy® Brew Kettle


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A Brew Kettle of Epic Proportions

This is no repurposed stock pot. The Tall Boy® is made specifically for homebrewers. Brew scientists have determined that the ideal height to diameter ratio for a brew kettle should be 1.2:1 in order to optimize boil performance. The Tall Boy reduces evaporative losses, and less evaporative cooling means a more vigorous boil. A vigorous boil means more volatilization of off flavors, and better hop utilization. All of that means better beer. Add to that it’s 4mm thick tri-clad bottom, designed to stop bullets and prevent scorching, and you’ve got a serious brewer’s tool. The Tall Boy logo is laser etched into the surface as a subtle indication to the world that you take brewing seriously.

Approximate Dimensions:

8 Gallon Tall Boy is 12.5" Wide by 15" Tall

10 Gallon Tall Boy is 13.3" Wide by 16" Tall

15 Gallon Tall Boy is 15.5" Wide by 18.6" Tall

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Tall Boy® Brew Kettle

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