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Tall Boy® Brew Kettle


Product Number: U41091

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A Brew Kettle of Epic Proportions

This is no repurposed stock pot. The Tall Boy® is made specifically for homebrewers. Brew scientists have determined that the ideal height to diameter ratio for a brew kettle should be 1.2:1 in order to optimize boil performance. The Tall Boy reduces evaporative losses, and less evaporative cooling means a more vigorous boil. A vigorous boil means more volatilization of off flavors, and better hop utilization. All of that means better beer. Add to that it’s 4mm thick tri-clad bottom, designed to stop bullets and prevent scorching, and you’ve got a serious brewer’s tool. The Tall Boy logo is laser etched into the surface as a subtle indication to the world that you take brewing seriously.

Approximate Dimensions:

8 Gallon Tall Boy is 12.5" Wide by 15" Tall

10 Gallon Tall Boy is 13.3" Wide by 16" Tall

15 Gallon Tall Boy is 15.5" Wide by 18.6" Tall

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Nice pot Review by Steve M

(Posted on 2/7/15)

Product Rating:

I bought this 8 gallon pot to heat water for my sparges and step infusions. Very nice pot but it is a bit on the heavy side. Tells me it is one sturdy son of a gun. Will be nice for extra big batches of Gumbo or Chili too. For the money I see no better bargains. For a beginning all grain brewer I would recommend the 10 or 15 gallon size if using as a boil kettle as 8 gallons is just not big enough. The lack of a spigot is no big deal as an auto siphon is a good alternative.

Excellent value Review by Minesweeper

(Posted on 10/19/14)

Product Rating:

I haven't used this kettle yet as all my secondaries are in use, but the build of the Tall Boy kettle is outstanding especially at this price ($89 for the 8 gallon). The entire kettle (and lid) is sturdy -- it does not flex at all, unlike the much smaller economy kettle I have been using. The base is really substantial. I suspect a separate plate was welded to the kettle and then machined -- it is seamless and sits flat on a glass cooktop. The outside diameter of the kettle is about 13.25", but the base plate is 11.5", which is great for my purposes since my largest cooktop burner is about 10". The handles are both spot welded and riveted.

If I could change anything, I'd like some markings for gallons of liquid. They are probably not stamped on this kettle due to the thickness of the material. I will measure out 5 gallons for my first batch and then measure with a plastic ruler thereafter.

Looking forward to my first full 5 gallon boil!

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Tall Boy® Brew Kettle

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