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US Centennial Pellet Hops


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Very balanced, sometimes called a “Super”. Popular among craft brewers; bred in 1974 and released in 1990.
Development: Cross between Brewer’s Gold and a USDA male.

Usage: Dual purpose
Aroma: Medium intensity, floral and citrus tones
Alpha Acids: 9.5 — 11.5%
Beta Acids: 3.5 — 4.5%
Co-Humulone: 28 — 30% of alpha acids
Total Oil: 1.5 — 2.5 mls/100g
Substitutions: Cascade, possibly Chinook or Columbus
Typical Beer Styles: All US-style Ales, IPA. Has been used with wheat beers

Origin United States
Alpha Acid (Average %) 9.5 — 11.5%
Type Pellet
Typical Usage Multi Purpose
Co-Humulone (%) 28 — 30% of alpha acids
Total Oil (ml/100g hops) 1.5 — 2.5 mls/100g
Substitutions Cascade, possibly Chinook or Columbus

Customer Reviews

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Overall Rating: 4.8

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Not Cascade, but still good Review by Nick

(Posted on 2/11/14)

Product Rating:

Contrary to what some might say (and in agreement with reviewers below), these are NOT a supercharged cascade. Not only does this hop lack cascade's signature grapefruit aroma, citrus plays a supportive role in the flavor profile. It's dominated mostly by floral notes, which makes for a very pleasant beer, though not at all what I was expecting when I ordered it. Not as strong as some west coast hops, so adjust accordingly

Perfect all around hop Review by Taiters

(Posted on 1/27/14)

Product Rating:

I recently brewed a single hop IPA using centennial that turned out really good. Probably one of my favorites I've brewed out of 15 beers.
1 oz Centennial (60 min)
1 oz Centennial (20 min)
2 oz Centennial (5 min)
1 oz Centennial (Dry hop 7 days)

Centennial Review by Seth

(Posted on 1/4/14)

Product Rating:

I agree with a previous reviewer. This is not a 'super charged Cascade. It has a very different hop profile than the Cascade. I recently used Centennial in an American Pale Ale. It added a great aroma and some bitterness. I loved it. I will use Centennial again. It is reasonably priced for an OZ.

get some Review by noah

(Posted on 11/4/13)

Product Rating:

these hop pellets were exactly what my beer needed. They have an aroma that grabs your soul by the nose. I'll definitely be getting more to help out future brews

Perfect Review by TommyC

(Posted on 10/10/13)

Product Rating:

Bittering, Aroma, Dry Hopping... these hops are versatile & super tasty.

Good for IPAs Review by Aaron

(Posted on 9/16/13)

Product Rating:

Love using these whenever I brew an IPA. Usually use them for the last two minutes of the boil for their aroma, but using them for bittering works nicely too.

one of my favorites Review by machazmo

(Posted on 8/19/13)

Product Rating:

I have had a love for beers that are only hopped with centennial for quite some time. I love using it in my beers as well. These pellets have worked well each time I have used them. I like dry hopping with the leaf version. Great price.

Love Centennial Hops Review by Shawn W

(Posted on 8/18/13)

Product Rating:

I love centennial hops. Great hops for an IPA. great aroma, always fresh from Midwest. Really recommend these. Definitely one of my top two favorites up there with cascade hops.

Exceptional hop Review by Nate N

(Posted on 7/26/13)

Product Rating:

Always adds great hop flavor and aroma to my IPAs and Pale Ales. I use these a lot and they are always fresh and smell great. Great hop for many beer styles.

Staple Review by slcdawg

(Posted on 7/8/13)

Product Rating:

This hop is a staple in many of my IPA recipes. I love the flavor and the aroma. One of my favorite recipes uses 100% Centennial hops.

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US Centennial Pellet Hops

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