Vinmetrica SO2 Analyzer Kit


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Vinmetrica is focused on products for wine analysis. The SC-100A is an instrument and reagent system for the rapid and accurate analysis of sulfite (SO2) in wines. Based on the tried and true Ripper system, the SC-100A puts you in control of sulfite analysis with its convenient, highly accurate and sensitive titration system that alerts you visually and audibly when the endpoint is detected with its electrode. Because it does not rely on a color change, the SC-100A eliminates the guesswork in Ripper sulfite titrations, especially in red wines! Take control of your sulfite levels with the SC-100A!

This kit includes the SO2 Analyzer with probe, Acid Reagent, Reactant Solution, Titrant Solution, 25ml Pipette, 100ml Measuring Cup, 5ml Syringe, 3ml Transfer pipette. Approximately 50 tests.

* Accurate results in 2 minutes or less
* Easy to use, no guesswork
* No mystery solutions or pumps
* Maintenance-free
* Red or white wines and musts
* Available now

The Vinmetrica SO2 Analyzer may ship directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 10-14 Days for delivery.

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Vinmetrica SO2 Analyzer Kit

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