Wheat Malt Extract Syrup - Maillard Malts®


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An essential extract for brewing wheat beers with ease, Maillard Malts' Wheat LME makes working with wheat simple and stress-free, avoiding stuck sparges without compromising complexity. The perfect base for any wheat-based brew, Wheat LME can also add a wild card of fresh, wholesome flavor to any style of beer.

Maillard Malts' Wheat LME has a base of 65% wheat malt complemented by 35% barley malt for a malt syrup that adds body and consistently produces spectacular head retention. Lovibond range is reliably between 2.0 °L and 6.0 °L, witha fermentability of 80%.

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Wheat Malt Extract Syrup - Maillard Malts®