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White Labs Trappist Ale Yeast WL500

From one of the six Trappist breweries remaining in the world, this yeast produces the distinctive fruitiness and plum characteristics. Excellent yeast for high gravity beers, Belgian ales, doubles and triples.

Ideal Temperature Range (°F) 65-72
Attenuation (%) 75-80
Flocculation Low-Medium
Alcohol Tolerance (%) High
Rate of Fermentation No
Foam Production No
Nutrient Requirements No
H2S Production No
SO2 Production No
Profile Belgian

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Overall Rating: 4.5

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Used in Belgian Honey Review by Brew Dog

(Posted on 6/23/13)

Product Rating:

I used this yeast vice the recommend liquid yeast because it is goor for ales with high OG and ABV. I also wanted it to complement the honey flavor. Although the brew will take time to find out Iif my experiment worked, or bust.

Monstrous Review by Orson

(Posted on 6/20/13)

Product Rating:

This yeast means business. I got a Trappist Ale down from an OG of 1.072 to a FG of 1.010 in a couple of weeks. I used a starter and yeast nutrient, and after the first 3 days I gradually starter ramping up the temperature, a degree a day. I gave it a further month to settle, then racked it to the secondary and let it age a spell. I cold crashed before bottling. It attenuates well but stays cloudy so you need to add a fining agent. Makes a great tasting beer.

Noble Trappist Ale Review by Brandon

(Posted on 1/23/13)

Product Rating:

I brewed the Noble Trappist Ale all grain kit using this yeast, and it came out very well. I made a starter, used yeast nutrient, and the yeast took right off, and finished strong. While fermenting it had some odd smells, like Banana, but I didn't taste that in the finished beer.

Slow starter... Review by Trevor

(Posted on 7/12/12)

Product Rating:

For me, this has historically been a very slow starter. I generally do at least a 2L starter w/stir plate and step up from there if needed. I have used this several times for Belgian style beers and it usually takes at least 72hrs to take off. This is with yeast nutrient and have tried starters as high as 1.050 and as low as 1.030 with no difference. That said, I've never had one fail to go and am a big fan of this yeasts flavor profile. Just be patient and don't worry if you don't hit high krausen w/i 72hrs.....

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