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Beginner's Guide

Information to help you get started in Home Winemaking

Thinking about getting started in winemaking? Considering buying a winemaking equipment kit as a gift? The following information may help you make your decision.

There are 3 different products needed to make wine at home:

  • An Equipment Kit
  • A Wine Recipe Kit (Juice)
  • Wine Bottles

Equipment Kits

The most important part of getting started is choosing an equipment kit. Midwest Supplies' equipment kits provide all components needed to make 6 gallons of wine from concentrate. Read each of the descriptions to determine which equipment kit is right for you. Making wine is easier than beer as boiling ingredients isn't required and the results are very consistent with our wine concentrate kits. Patience is needed though as two stage fermentation is required, resulting in a standard fermenttion of 2 - 6 months.

Basic Wine Equipment Kit (UWK1001)

This Basic Wine Equipment Kit has everything you need to make wine at home except for a wine kit (juice concentrate) and wine bottles and corks each of which are sold separately.
Our Basic Kit includes a 7.9 gallon plastic fermentor with lid, a 6 gallon glass or PET carboy, stoppers for each fermenter, an airlock, a bottle brush, a wine hydrometer, 8 ounces of Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser, a plastic plunger corker, a racking tube, siphon tubing, a bottle filler, a shut-off valve, and equipment instructions.

Home Winery Equipment Kit (UWK1002)

Our Home Winery Equipment Kit is a must have for the serious home vintner. All of the equipment you need to start fermenting your first batch is included. Kits includes a 7.5 gallon plastic fermentor with lid, two 6 gallon glass or PET carboys, 2 Dual Scale Liquid Crystal Thermometers, stoppers for each fermenter, 2 airlocks, a bottle brush, a wine hydrometer, wine thief, hydrometer test jar, 8 ounces of Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser, a plastic plunger corker, a racking tube, siphon tubing, a bottle filler, a shut-off valve, and equipment instructions.

Winery Upgrade Kit - Supplementary wine making tool kit includes wine thief, auto siphon, hydrometer test jar, fermentor thermometer, and a de-gasser.

Winemaking Additive Bundle - Recommended add-on kit for the Home Winery Equipment Kit includes items to both improve wine quality and requisite equipment to make wine from fresh and frozen fruit. Included are the Winemaker Recipe Handbook, 3 packs of Montrachet dry yeast, acid blend, wine tannin and yeast nutirient, and much more.

Wine Recipe Kit (Juice – concentrate)

Midwest offers a large selection of 6 gallon wine recipe kits. All of the Winexpert wine kits that Midwest sells are basically made the same way. No kit is any easier or harder to make than the other. The kits range from the Vintner’s Reserve series around $60 to the Selection Estate series around $132. Simply put, the more money you spend on a kit, the higher quality of wine you’ll make. The Vintner’s Reserve series is the most popular line of wine kits in the world with your cost per bottle around $2.00. Just choose the style of wine you would like to make and you’re ready to go.

Wine Bottles

Our wine equipment kits yield a six gallon batch of of wine which will fill 29-30 standard 750 ml wine bottles, equal to roughly two cases of 12 and six additional bottles. Please note that shipping glass bottles can get expensive due to shipping weight. Many winemakers will collect empty wine bottles as they drink them, rinse them out and use them for their wine. Most folks buy one or two cases of bottles when getting started with winemaking.
***Most winemakers who accumulate 10 cases of bottles typically will have purchased 5 new cases and cleaned 5 cases of used bottles.***

Other winemaking accessories that complement an equipment kit include: