Midwest Yeast Shipping Info:

Over the summer months we ship yeast all over the country to varying climates and receive few problems reported. That being said the most common issues with shipping yeast is a loss in viability which translates into increased lag periods before fermentation begins. Midwest offers a few ice-pack shipping options available for those who want to ensure their yeast arrives undamaged.
  • The Deluxe Insulated Foam Shipping Box (ICE3), is the best of the cold-shipping methods we offer, and is ideal for brewers who order their supplies in bulk. This package will keep your liquid yeasts cold for 2-3 days after leaving Midwest. If your shipping times are longer than 3-4 days you may consider placing an order for yeast only and having it shipped 2-day express, which you can learn more about on the information page for this product.
  • The Deluxe Yeast Shipping (ICE2) option includes an ice pack inside of an insulated shipping package, making certain that the icepack keeps your yeast as cold as possible during its shipment. Recommended for 1-2 day delivery zones.
  • The Yeast Ice Pack (ICE1) includes just the ice pack itself to be kept with your yeast during shipping. Recommended for 1 day delivery zones.
  • If you question the viability of the yeast upon arrival, just make a Yeast Starter!

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