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2.5 Gallon Mini Draft System (New Keg)

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2.5 Gallon Mini Draft System (New Keg)

SKU: 8091

This system works by adding 3 oz. of corn sugar and waiting for the beer to naturally carbonate in the keg. After 2 - 3 weeks, the beer is dispensed using a compact CO2 Injector.


This system works by adding 3 oz. of corn sugar and waiting for the beer to naturally carbonate in the keg. After 2 - 3 weeks, the beer is dispensed using a compact CO2 Injector. This injector typically uses one 16 gm. CO2 cartridge to dispense the beer. CO2 is for dispensing only and will not force carbonate the beer in any way. 4 feet of low foam liquid line and a standard picnic tap will pour glass after glass of your favorite home brew. You'll be everyone's best friend when you show up at a party with 3 gallons of homebrew ready to serve. Durable corny kegs allow you to bring your brew camping, fishing, hunting or anywhere you never thought possible before. Hey NASA, how about the moon?

System includes:

  • 2.5 gallon soda keg
  • CO2 injection system
  • Six 16 gm. CO2 cartridges
  • ball lock CO2 fitting
  • ball lock liquid fitting
  • 4 feet low foam line
  • and picnic tap
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Good keg if you don’t have space inside your fridge for 5gallon keg
Good keg if you dont have space for 5 gallons, if you want to buy this save some money, just buy them separately without the co2 injector, buy 2.5/3 gallon Keg, mini regulator and paintball co2 tank.
January 18, 2019
9 months ago
I love it after I was guided by the wonderful staff from midwest thru email I was able to get my beer ...thakns
June 10, 2017
over 2 years ago
great way to take home brew.
better thank bottles. folks can fill their glass only to the amount they want. no wasted homebrew. Plus, they love filling their glass. fun, fun, here comes.
April 11, 2017
over 3 years ago
This small keg is the bomb! I filled this up from my 5 gal. keg and took it to my brothers birthday party. People soon forgot about the bottled beer. Instead of carbonating with corn sugar I prefer to force carbonate with my CO2 tank. I found the perfect upright cooler at Home Depot for transporting this keg. It has wheels and a telescoping handle.http://www.homedepot.com/p/Rubbermaid-45-Qt-Blue-Wheeled-Cooler-FG2A9102MODBL/202315032One word of caution: the lip on the keg opening is a little sharp. I sliced my hand on it while cleaning the inside. This is the only reason I gave this 4 stars. Exercise a little caution and you will love this little keg:)
February 14, 2016
Mini Draft System
Arrived in perfect shape, very well made. I even somehow managed to mess up the 20% discount code, made a call to customer service and they took care of me over the phone.
February 4, 2016
Great service
Ordered a keg system before Christmas. Shipped quickly and they even called to warn me that the CO2 had to be shipped via ground.
January 10, 2016
High Quality Equipment
A very nice mini-keg with many extras thrown in ! It will fit in a small fridge which is a plus for me ! The ball lock fittings are superb, and for a picnic or any outdoor activity, this would be the item to have. Just be sure to keep the C02 charger away from children, I give mine a few shots of C02, then unplug it.
March 14, 2014
Perfect Starter System
I purchased this system because I wanted a keg that would fit into my fridge and not displace all on my food. The quality of the keg is top notch. _x000D__x000D_ I filled the keg with half a batch of my latest brew and bottled the other half. The evening after I kegged I went to move it and noticed beer leaking out of the top. I attempted to reseat the lid and that did not solve the problem. After some quick research I decided to try adding some presure to the keg to see if I could get the lid to seat properly. That did the trick! A quick shot of CO2 and the lid seated perfectly. _x000D__x000D_The keg fits perfectly in my fridge and it really doesn't take up as much room as I had imagined. I keep the picnic tap in a small tupperware container to help keep it from messing up the fridge. _x000D__x000D_I am getting a much nicer head from the kegged beer than from the bottles and the kegged beer has a slightly cleaner flavor. _x000D__x000D_All in all I am very happy with my purchase! I just wish I hadn't waited so long to start kegging :-)
May 16, 2013
Perfect for Mini Fridge
I "bottled" half my batch of Belgium pale Ale in this keg, waited 2 weeks, chilled and served. I will likely finish off the keg tonight. Had fresh tap beer for past 2 weeks. Love it. CO2 system works great! Whenever, this keg is empty I will split my batches between bottles and this keg.
April 20, 2013
2.5 mini
This is a good place to start if you interested in kegging...with only a few bucks. Just stick it in your fridge, bring it out and set it on ice. Easy peezy.
April 4, 2013
Customer Q&A
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Will the tap and co2 attachments work on other types of ball lock kegs?
Steve K on Oct 21, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yep! They'll work on any ball lock post.
can you use this keg for fermentation?
A shopper on Sep 30, 2017
Hey can you use this system for mead? I have both still wine and slightly carbonated meads. Thanks
A shopper on Aug 29, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I never tried it ,but it will carbonate some when you charge it,But to put more CO2 in it you will need to go to a bigger CO2 tank for higher pressure..
Can this be used for a one gallon beer kit?
A shopper on May 8, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Hi there, this could be used with 1 gallon of beer. Our Cannonball Minikeg would also be an option. Cheers!
How many CO2 cartridges will I go through while serving with this?Assuming that the primer got the keg to around the preferred 5-12 psi.
A shopper on Apr 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: wow, I think that would be difficult to determine. I fill mine at 30psi. until ready to use. then depending on type of beer and size of head. I test it. I found at parties people like to play with the c02 cartridge so I take'em off til needed. I think you would use about 2-3 cartridges if your starting out at 5-12 psi your mini keg.
Do you add the 3oz of priming sugar to the 2.5 gallons in the keg or to the entire 5 gallon batch and then transfer to the keg?
David B on Dec 2, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Neither. I use the external CO2 tank to force carbonate. If you leave the CO2 at 20 psi for a few days you should be ready to serve. That's one of the big advantages of keg over bottle. If I have more beer than fits in the keg I add carbonation drops straight to the bottle.
How many times can this keg be used before it needs replacement?
A shopper on Nov 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: A keg like this can be used for years and years, if taken care of! There are some rubber seals that are replaceable, and some spring-poppets in the posts, those would be the only parts that should EVER need to be replaced, and those last a very long time.
How long will beer keep fresh in this system?
A shopper on Nov 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: If the beer is kept cold and carbonated, kegged beer will be fine for months, with no problem at all.
Could you put wine in this keg and serve it up? Or does the liquid inside need to be carbonated for it to work?
T I on Aug 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: For wine, you want to use a nitrogen gas source to dispense liquid. If you use CO2, you would carbonate the wine. If you want it still, use nitrogen instead of CO2.
What are the dimension of this keg? Wondering if it will fit into a mini fridge.
Dean M on Jan 20, 2016

The keg is about 15" tall (without couplers) and about 9" in diameter.


can i force carbonate in this if i wanted?
R A on Dec 8, 2015

Thank you for choosing Midwest Supplies! You most definitely can force carbonate in that keg. That being said, to do so, you will need a 5 pound CO2 cylinder, regulator, and ball lock gas connection. The smaller CO2 cartridges do not have enough CO2/pressure to force carbonate. I hope this answers your question. Have a great day!
How full do you fill this keg when first legging? Also, do I need to add CO2 to top when it sits to carbonate (using the CO2 cartridge for pressure)?
J S on Dec 7, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The CO2 chaarger does not supply enough gas to force carbonate. The way this system is designed is to use the charger to supply pressure to seal the keg lid. Then it is disconnected. The beer is carbonated by adding priming sugar to the keg, then waititng 2-3 weeks at room temp so the beer carbonates. Then get it cold and use the CO2 charger only to provide dispensing pressure. I hope this makes sense, let me know if you have any followup questions! Cheers! James J.

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