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Micro Bru - Small Scale Brewing

If you’ve always thought all grain brewing was outside your reach because of elaborate systems and complicated instructions, then listen up. Midwest is proud to offer you the easiest and most convenient way to make your own all grain beer at home. Micro Bru small-scale brewing provides you an easy way to begin brewing, and makes a fantastic gift. Choose from one of our 1 gallon all grain recipe beer kits that feature top notch ingredients and easy to follow instructions. So if you’ve wanted to make the jump to all grain brewing, this is the ideal starting point. It’s perfect for apartments, or brewers who simply don’t have the space to spare for burners, kettles, carboys, and kegs. We've embraced the ‘less is more’ philosophy and put together a set of equipment that has everything you need - and nothing you don’t - to get you going from grain to glass today!

Beer Extract  Recipe Kits All Grain Beer Recipe Kits Micro Bru Beer Recipes - 1 Gallon Small Batch

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