How can I use the March pump?

When using a pump in your brewery, you no longer have to rely on gravity to move your strike water, sparge water, and wort on brew day. So no more tiered brewery structures to weld! Using a pump in your system can allow you to design your brewery such that CIP (clean in place) becomes possible, simply recirculating a cleaner (like PBW) and sanitizer (like StarSan) through the wort pathways.

The pump is not self-priming, so it needs to be located below the liquid it is pumping. Running the pump dry can burn it out. It is helpful to use a ball-valve on the OUTFLOW to be able to control the rate of flow. Use high-temp hosing when using this pump with hot liquids. It may be helpful to use the quick disconnects in conjunction with the high-temp hosing to quickly, easily, safely attach your pump to various source and target vessels. We have a quick pump connector kit that would be helpful.(sku 41954) When liquid is flowing into the pump, plug the pump in and away you go. You may find it more convenient to connect the pump to an on/off switch.