How do I use a Tap-A-Draft System?

Tap-A-Draft systems are a great solution for those that don’t want, or don’t have room for, a full sized kegging system setup. The smaller size allows them to be stored in just about any refrigerator.

How it works

The best miniature keg system on the market. The Tap-A-Draft allows you to serve and carbonate beverages with all of the benefits, and without all of the expense of costly, bulky CO2 Tanks and Regulators.

TAP-A-DRAFT® is a patented, easy to use, beverage dispensing system that includes a reusable 6-liter bottle and a screw-on tap. Once the bottle is filled with the beverage of choice, the tap is simply twisted on. The drink will the stay carbonated for weeks, while glasses are drawn from the bottle with the easy-to-use tap.

TAP-A-DRAFT® uses standard 16-gram food grade disposable CO2 cartridges to regulate the pressure inside the 6-liter bottle, keeping beverages carbonated. As the beverage is dispensed, the cartridges replace the vacant space in the bottle with CO2. This regulated pressure allows the bottle contents to flow effortlessly from the easy-to-use tap. One 16-gram CO2 cartridge is capable of dispensing 6-liters (1.5 gallons) using the TAP-A-DRAFT® system.

Beer can be carbonated naturally with priming sugar. Midwest Supplies does not recommend force carbonating with the Tap-A-Draft System.

Natural Carbonation

For OPTIMUM results the natural carbonation of beer offers many advantages. In principle, where beer is naturally carbonated by adding priming sugar, the resulting secondary yeast fermentation contributes to a natural aging and maturing, where flavor and character are developed over a period of time.

  1. To naturally carbonate your beer in the TAP-A-DRAFT®, ferment your beer as usual and allow to clear naturally. Preferably siphon your beer from the fermenter ensuring you don’t disturb the sediment from the settled beer. Just like bottling, your beer should not be splashed or oxidized.
  2. Place 6 slightly rounded teaspoons of white or priming sugar into the 6-liter PET bottle, or 1/3 cup priming sugar for a 5 gallon batch, which will fill 3 Tap-A-Draft bottles. You may wish to add slightly less for stouts or dark beers that do not require as much carbonation. Leave only a small headspace (1.0” down from thread area) and place the screw cap on.
  3. Store the PET bottle on its side for approximately 2 weeks. It is a matter of taste whether you leave the beer a shorter or longer time for maturing.
  4. Three 6 liter PET bottles will fit almost an entire batch of beer. You should have a few sanitized bottles ready for what won't fit into your Tap-A-Draft bottles.

To Serve

Over approximately 1-2 weeks the beer will naturally carbonate (at room temperature) and mature (just like bottled beer). When you are ready to drink, place the PET bottle in the fridge to cool down.

  1. Carefully, tilt the bottle upright so that you can remove the screw cap. There will be pressure, just like opening a beer bottle, so the COLDER you have it at this stage the better. Screw on the TAP-A-DRAFT® dispenser unit. HAND-TIGHTEN ONLY.
  2. IMPORTANT: After screwing on the dispenser, place the bottle back into the HORIZONTAL position. The PET bottle MUST BE HORIZONTAL before you charge with the CO2 cartridge.
  3. You will require (1) 16 gram CO2 cartridge to provide dispensing pressure (remember your beer is already naturally carbonated).
  4. With the PET bottle horizontal you are ready to attach the CO2 cartridge (the cartridge will be vertical). Screw the CO2 cartridge into the dispenser (the cartridge must have the narrow side up.) BE SURE THAT THE CASING IS FULLY SCREWED IN SO THAT THE CARTRIDGE IS PIERCED. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN. When the cartridge is pierced, you will hear a brief hiss and be able to see bubbles entering the bottle. To prevent loss of CO2, continue to screw the casing on until it is HAND-TIGHT.


To pour your beverage, pull the tap lever fully forward, with the glass placed under the Tap. Pulling the tap partially forward will create a head on your carbonated beverage. For less head open the tap fully. To close, push the lever fully backward to close the tap.


  1. Store the PET bottle HORIZONTALLY during the natural carbonation period. The yeast will throw a small amount of sediment.
  2. After screwing on the tap dispenser, place the bottle into the HORIZONTAL position when charging with the CO2 cartridge.
  3. The CO2 cartridge is vertical when the gas is charged
  4. Never Unscrew the casing once it is fully tightened. Doing so could cause harm or injury
  5. HAND tighten the dispenser
  6. HAND tighten the CO2 cartridge
  7. 1 x 16gram CO2 cartridge is required for dispensing pressure (if the beverage is naturally carbonated) or if no carbonation is required (as in fruit juices).
  8. Beverages must be COLD for CO2 to be absorbed during force carbonation.
  9. Always release ALL pressure in the PET bottle before removing the tap.
  10. NEVER USE ANY OTHER PET OR GLASS BOTTLE WITH THE TAP-A-DRAFT® dispenser. Injury would result.


  2. Hold the Tap with tongs and run hot (but not boiling) water through the tube for a minimum of 15 seconds. Do not soak the tap in water and do not take the tube apart to wash. This could cause your tap not to function properly.
  3. Let air Dry.

Other Uses

The TAP-A-DRAFT® system can be used to carbonate and dispense many beverages.

Where dispensing and preserving, pressure is only required: suitable for mixed alcoholic drinks, coolers, punches and cocktails, apple and fruit juices. Ideal for many mixed party drinks. Just keep in mind that it will add CO2 to the beverage.

Under CO2 pressure these beverages stay fresh for weeks and can be dispensed as required straight from the fridge or from the handy party blue ice tote bag.

The TAP-A-DRAFT® system has been tested and proven to be very effective in carbonation and dispensing the following products:

  • Home Brewed Beer, Lagers, Stouts and Porters
  • Mini-Breweries Beers
  • Naturally fermented Ginger Beer
  • Sparkling White Wine
  • The advantage of maturing and dispensing your home made wines in the Tap-A-Draft is that they can be served as required over a period of time without deterioration. The CO2 keeps the beverage fresh with no fear of oxidization, replacing the space with CO2 as the bottle empties.