How important is cleaning and sanitizing for my beer, really?

Home brewers can attribute the bulk of their failed batches to dirty equipment and botched sanitization. Clean equipment will last longer, function properly and keep off flavors from contaminating subsequent batches of beer.

Maintaining a good brewing and fermenting environment means doing a good job of both cleaning and sanitizing. Proper cleaning will remove dirt and stains that can protect microorganisms and bacteria so you can better sanitize your equipment. All equipment that comes into contact with your wort post-boil all the way through packaging (bottles or kegs) needs to be sanitized! Be sure to closely follow the directions for use for cleaners and sanitizers in terms of proper dosing, temperatures, and contact time.

Midwest does not recommend using detergents or dish soaps as they can leave behind scents and flavors that can be picked up by your beer or wine. We offer several products to help you sufficiently clean and sanitize your equipment.

Considering the time and money you will invest in your brew, dumping the brew is a sad event when contamination can be prevented with a little effort to clean and sanitize.